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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hottest Cheats - July Special


I hurried from my office and slid into my car. The fairly used car my husband gave me. I fumed in anger. What a bastard. He buys new cars every year and passes the old one onto me.

I would have bought a car for me, but as the saying goes, a woman's money is to be kept. So therefore, no new car for me just yet-it doesn't stop me from lambasting that idiot i call a husband anyway.

We fight all the time and truth be told, I'm tired of the marriage. But the bastard can fuck me nasty, from the depths of hell and back. Sigh.

I drove like a mad woman home. This is because i have a lunch date with my favourite telemundo movie. No food for Segun today - segun is the husband.

I entered the house and rushed to the play room. I pulled off my work clothes and flung them all around.

That's where i keep all my gadgets. I love gadgets. They are my life. My 100 inch screen tv, bass woofer, state of the art stereo and the likes.

And yes, segun got them all for me. Whatever. I switched on my android tv and sat back down to enjoy my movie. I heard the bell faintly and rolled my eyes. Shebi he has a key.

He continued pressing and pressing the bell and i fumed in anger. Is this guy crazy? My phone also started ringing and the cacophony of sounds drove me crazy.

I glanced at the caller ID. Segun. I also realized I got a text from my Man. The true and  perfect man for me. Let me open the door for segun, then I'd come savor this delightful message.

I rushed downstairs to open the door for the mad man. It must be he.


I leaned against the door bell. Literally. I heard the sound echo again deep in the house and i shivered in glee. The sound must drive her crazy. She crazy, that woman. She a bloody bitch.

The door opened and I was smacked in the face by her heaving breasts. Jesus. The breasts that made me fall for her 5 years ago. I must tell you now. This breasts are my downfall.

They are big, round and beautiful. Who opens a door naked? The rest of her body is banging! Tight abs- looking almost identical to that of my girlfriend.

She eyed me and turned those soft ass cheeks my way, walking up the stairs. I ran after her and pulled her to a stop.

"Deid, are you mad?! What if it was someone else at the door?! You are stark naked!" she rolled her eyes.

"By the annoying ring of the bell- your status quo by the way, I knew it was you. Leave me." she tried to wrestle her arm back.

But i know her. I know this silly bitch. She loves sex and despite our differences, we fuck every moment we get like rabid rabbits.

I didn't release her arm and jerked her towards me. Her breasts hit my chest in a oof and i grabbed those soft and succulent ass cheeks. I dug my hands into them and they sank in.

I slapped and ass cheek and her face clouded with hesitant lust. Bitch, i know your downfall, I thought. She tried to resist weakly, but she was grinding on me at the same time.

I buried my head into those marvellous tits and squeezed the nipples just the way she loved it. She moaned and I suddenly felt my control snap.

She lunged for my neck and peppered them with kisses, suckling the life out of it and dropping hickeys all over it.

I squeezed her. I squeezed her to stupor, fuck her body is meant to be fucking squeezed. I ripped her from me and bent her over the stairs.

Pulled my zipper down and slapped her ass again. They jiggled and I fucking groaned. My fingers found her slick cunt by instinct and she begged for my cock.

I shoved my cock into her wet heat and she screamed. Fuck, i love screwing my wife. If only the other part of our lives was great like the sex.


He pounded into me and my mind went blank and white with lust. Jesus. This bastard can fuck. This is the only reason why I've not divorced him. Damn, the sex is epic. Every single time!

His dick scraped my inner walls and dragged another scream from the depth of my heart. I shuddered. I'm scared I'd never find another man who'd fuck me like this.

As at now, I've fallen in love with someone else. I met him online and we've been talking, and I've been sending nudes to him.

I wish I could know if the other guy could fuck me half as good as my husband.. `aaaaaarrrgggggh.. His next thrust fucked my womb and wiped off the thought of any other man.


We collapsed on a heap on the staircase. I was about reaching for her hair in a tender gesture when i glanced at the time and realized that i have to chat with my girlfriend.

I pulled away and we sprang apart. "I have to go". We said simultaneously and i padded off to my room while she rushed to the play room.

I grabbed my phone and shot a message to my girlfriend. She makes me happy. She's the only woman who understands me and makes me happy. She's my only escape and I'm crazy for her.

She's the only one who I hold as a lifeline. She's always there for me and I've never even met her yet.

She's the one who makes me forget that i have a crazy ass wife at home. I fucking love her to pieces.

"let's meet tonight. At beachfront, Victoria Island." I waited excitedly for her reply.

"No problem baby. I'd be there by 8pm." I almost whooped in joy. I've been pestering her for a meet. I praised God again for the day I slid into her DM.

If she's good enough, I'd have no choice but to leave deid for her. No, can I leave deid? She's my best fuck always. Scratch that, when the time comes, I'd know what to do.

I picked up my phone and make reservations for a private dinner at the restaurant. It's one of the most expensive places to eat here and trust me, she deserves the best.

I heard a knock on the door. "Seg, I'm going out to meet my friend, Tara. I'd be back later tonight. Don't wait up for me though. I didn't cook, find something to eat." she screamed and left.

Jesus. Is that a wife? Wife that doesn't cook and leaves home before i even give my permission. I pray she doesn't even come home tonight because I'd love to bring my baby home and spoil her silly.

I took my phone and called deid.. "You don't have to come home tonight dear.."

"Wait. Why?" she asked, suspicion coloring her voice. "No, i just want you to enjoy your outing with tara immensely. That's all."

I can't afford getting her suspicious. That woman is mad. She could cut off my balls if she suspects I'm cheating on her.

"Is it your enjoy? Get out jere." And she cut off the call. God. Did I mention also that she's rude as fuck?.

I got to the restaurant early and I was directed to my table or should i say private room. It was decorated to my specifications.

Dark and beautiful  lighting, roses and champagne, chocolate and appetisers, I have no reason to complain whatsoever.

Romantic setting. My phone rang and she told me she was at the place already. I told the hostess to kindly bring her in here.

The door opened and the hostess led her in. A sultry perfume wrapped around me. I looked up and was stunned by the magnificent beauty in front of me.

She was slim, toned and her sliver coloured sheath wrapped around her body in shimmering waves. Her breasts were framed by the dress and the cleavage was breathtaking.

Her small waist and flared hips held my attention for a few minutes. The gown has a slit to her thighs and her golden skin played peek-a-boo with my brain. My cock was so fucking hard. I swallowed in desire.

She epitomises everything I'd ever want in my life. She's absolutely gorgeous.

My breath caught in my throat. She looked like a fucking goddess. I looked into her beautiful beautiful eyes and my breath caught in my throat.

She is my wife.


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