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Monday, 3 July 2017


Waiting outside like i got kicked out of school coz i refused to fit in.
Wasn't cool enough i was told... after all the cats don't ride with the pigeons.
Waiting outside till the rains come down.
Probably they'd wash from my face this frown.
There's a big barrier tryna keep me out.

But I'm unfazed by it, all i hear in my head is pull it down and burn it to the ground.
Maybe it's Coz I'm way too different from the people i mix with.
They tryna eat french fries, I'm tryna get me some egusi and wheat.
Waiting outside like imma bout to take my crush out on the first date.
But it's the same story of me being stood up, overlooked like flipping over the acknowledgments on the first page.
Hardly seems like i'll ever make the grade.
But am undeterred, like that '83 movie ain't leaving even if am scarfaced.
Tie a scarf across my face to hide the scar,
while i roar back...sounding like the engine of a NASCAR.
Juggernaut on these doors real soon, as i work on erasing my flaws like I'm scrubbing on floors.
Waiting outside till people begin to think i'm a mannequin.
Like a black man tryna get outta his country am ever so keen.
Skilled too... Coz all i ever want is to get to the inner circle.
It's a cycle..
He gives to you, then you give to me... waiting outside till it gets to my turn.
How many chances have you given me... how many have i spurn.
Most certainly none.
Coz daily i pray for one like the monks and nuns.
Had to wait outside 'fore i got into the monastery.
My hands on my rosary, carefully meditating on the mysteries.
Waiting outside coz i can't take it no more.
Gotta take in some heat, can't live in the winter no more.
Done with hiding my pain in plain sight.
No giving up without a fight.
Knock knock and the doors shall open the bible whispered in my ears.
So this time am waiting outside knocking on doors with 'Hulk' fists till am heard.
Waiting outside till i get to wait no more.
And if you in this situation join me with placards... soon we get to wait no more.

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