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Friday, 21 July 2017



I rushed out of the lounge in a state of shock. I absolutely can't believe that tunde just did that to me.

He didn't quite break up, but it sure sounds like it. Fuck. I hastily called for a uber and got in distractedly.

I gave the female driver- that's weird, my work address and settled down to absorb the consequences of mine and tunde's actions.

I love tunde with all my heart and I wasn't expecting him to be this mean. I mean, he totally blindsided me.

He kept on rambling about how we didn't connect anymore (I don't understand how, I fucking gave this guy anal!) and trust me, it wasn't what i expected.

The driver got my attention and I graciously alighted, while tipping her. I entered the building and found that work was ongoing seriously.

I am an associate costumier at a film production company and trust me, things are mad even on a normal day, not to talk of today when we had an A list sitcom to produce.

I instinctively flowed with the work- even though the sanctity of my sanity was almost destroyed. I gave tunde my all!

I still refuse to believe that he did that to me! Tears threatened to pull my seams apart, but i held it together like a big girl.

I was extra efficient today, in fact nobody suspected anything was wrong with me. Things started winding down and i finally think i could get a breather to think things through.

I collapsed on my chair and buried my head in my hands. Oh my God. What is wrong with me and life?! My life was going all perfect before this came along. What is tunde thinking?!


I rounded up all the props we used for work and yawned. I just couldn't help the exhaustion that overcame me.

I absolutely can't believe we are sleeping over here tonight again. I miss my big soft and comfortable bed at home.

I also miss my clean toilets and home cooked food. I can't wait for this job to be over and we'd get back home.

I crashed on the couchbed and started dozing off. I think i drifted off for a moment until i heard someone calling my name.

I woke up with a start and looked around. My friend Peter was standing in front of me and beside him stood Melanie.

"Guy, Lanie no get where to sleep tonight and everywhere full. She fit crash near you"? He asked.

"Of course. Una no suppose wake me sef." I fumed. What the fuck? Melanie is your poster child for snobby. She acts all playful with just "the select few".

Every other person just basically doesn't exist with her. I don't understand why peter thinks she's worth my sleep.

After all, the studio living room is for everyone. I turned my back and started dozing off. I'm so exhausted.

"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, Ré. I hope I'm not disturbing." she said.

What is the problem now?! Does she fucking expect conversations?! I am even surprised she knows my name.

"hmm hmm" I grunted grumpily without even facing her.

"The rooms were full and I can't sleep in my office. The mosquitoes there are savage. I didn't even know i had mosquitoes in my office. Imagine, no one told me that the rooms were full..."

She continued rambling and I turned angrily to shut her the bloody fuck up. The tirade at the edge of my tongue died.

She looked so pretty. Unlike the overly made up, barbie looking Lanie of the day. It was like all her facade was washed away with the makeup.

She seemed sad, and not because of the room issue- she radiated pain. Her eyes were soft and I loved the soft curve of her lips.

They moved softly as she narrated the room matter and how she was cheated blah blah blah.

I had no choice but to soften towards her. It seemed like she needed a listening ear. I didn't want to compound her sadness.

I made all the right sounds of consolation and i guess that encouraged her. She started talking about other matters and soon- before i knew it, we were talking like fast friends.

We started laughing and gisting and i forgot about my initial angst. I guess I'd judged her a bit hastily.

One thing led to another and i started tickling her- she said she wasn't ticklish and we decided to test the theory.

She laughed so hard and was wiggling like a fish on hook. I was having so much fun playing with her and trust me, It was nothing sexual on my part.

The next thing i knew and I tell you, in a million light years, I never expected it. She grabbed my face and kissed me.


I suddenly grabbed his face and kissed him. Oh my God. Am I mad? His lips tasted as soft as I'd been imagining. All through our discussion, I couldn't get over his looks.

When peter suggested i slept at the living room with Ré, i couldn't believe it. Ré is the only guy at work I'd had my eyes on, but couldn't do anything about because of Tunde.

He's the Prop Manager and does a lot of physical work that makes him sweat. He's the epitome of Sex. He oozes it on droves but he's totally off limits because of his attitude.

He's an introvert and no matter how hard you try to talk to him, he'd rebuff you. Imagine my shock when he responded to me tonight.

He's the dream guy of a lot of girls here. Every one whispers about him. He's got a lean and fit body- not overtly muscular, but perfect.

His casual dress sense is very simple and perfectly fits him. His eyes are brown with solid flecks of gold and are slightly harsh.

His nose and lips are the stuff of legends. Kissing him has been one of my fantasies for a long time, and i finally got to do it!

I could sense his shock and hesitance at my bold move. He suddenly slipped his tongue into my mouth and took total control of the Kiss.

His arms came around my neck and pulled me closer. My body fitted perfectly into his. I totally forgot all about tunde and his shenanigans.

This right here is where i want to be.

Her slender body fit into the crook of my arms and as i deepened the kiss, I rubbed my hands all over her arms and torso and felt goose bumps break out.

I could feel she was mentally fragile and needed a soft touch. I sat down on the three sitter couch and placed her on my thighs, she was facing forward.

I softly smooched her breasts and they are so fucking soft. Her nipples beaded nice and hard and her tits plumped up in my hands when i squeezed them.

She started giving this soft soft moans, and they served to turn me on the more. My cock was fucking hard as a rock.

I kissed her neck and my wandering hands slipped into her skirt and voila, was deep in her soft wet vagina.

She started wiggling on my crotch as i rhythmically squeezed her tits and finger fucked her cunt.. All softly.

She whispered for more and I grinned. I knew my soft but teasing touches must be driving her mad.

I bent her back slightly over and pulled off her shirt. The wide expanse of her back called to me and I kissed it.

I ran my tongue all over it and peppered bites on it. Her moans were fucking music to my ears.

I swiftly flipped up her skirts and pulled my hard as nails cock from my zipper and slipped it deep into her wet pussy.

I quickly covered her mouth - thank God I did, a huge scream was released and i muffled it in time.

The whole studio will know what's going on if i didn't cover it at that moment. I kissed her back and moved her ass to sit harder on my cock.

She gave out a muffled groan again and I shuddered. Her pussy is very wet and i slithered my thumb to her clit. I placed it between my forefinger and thumb and gave it a slight pinch. She bucked harder on my cock.

I continued this, while giving her a few short strokes, and then slamming her back on my dick. She was pinned and trust me, she loved it.

She suddenly stood and i groaned at the pop sound. She turned and faced me, telling me that she wants to kiss me. I didn't object.

She captured my lips and slammed her cunt on my very sensitive dick. It was my time to give a deep groan and she chuckled.


Oh my fuck. His cock is the longest I'd ever had and I've fucked 8 guys in my life. His cock slammed deep into some uncharted parts of my pussy and I was a mass of sexual hunger.

He dug deep and hit his cock head right on a spot beneath my womb and I convulsed. He did it again. And again. He quit fucking the length of my cunt and gave a laser focus on destroying that spot.

He kept on doing it and I gushed and gushed more pussy juice until the friction of our fucking was lost.

Although I was riding him, he fucked me to hell and back. I screamed as he screwed me harder and the pain mixed with the pleasure and I came and came.

Phew. That was the absolutely best fuck of my life.

I spewed my cum like a geyser up her pussy and she loved it. She plead for more and kept on slamming hard against that soft soft spot.

She blasted apart again and begged to be released. "I'm fucking sensitive.." she moaned.

I looked into her eyes and saw a very very satisfied woman. Her face was no longer sad and she had on a new aura.

Fucking truly does wonders.

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