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Saturday, 8 July 2017


David Omoh

I must say I have been having the best time of my life and I bless my decision for coming.

From an unplanned hangout with this new lady Shalewa; I found what I have been looking for.

What we have is not properly defined and I sincerely want it to be so at least in the mean time.

She is beautiful to a fault, she seem not to believe when I tell her probably because she have had compliment of that nature countlessly.

It is day3 now and we both cannot spend the day without the company of each other, we never in the time asked about our love life but I want to dabble into that because of the new development of feelings I am having for her.

I invited her for an official dinner tonight and I am super excited, I told my only confidant - my daughter and she is super excited to hear that I am actually going on a date I was not forced or lured to.

I order for smart sharp denim shirt since we will be in the open room dinner in the hotel, and I booked a special spot, quite expensive but it is worth the lady I figured.

I sharpened my haircut to give the best impression, rocking my shirt with a nice pair of black shorts with a good loavers to compliment, I have to look my best.

Shalewa Buknor

I got invited by David for a date tonight, I am nervous - my nerve is breaking for obvious reasons.

This is a big deal, it is another "first" date, I went to a date of this sort last in my university days, never have I been on another date with anyone else aside Gori.

It is overwhelming! Excited and scared is the feeling; excited because it is David the correctional version of Gori, I am scared because it is not Gori - Pure paradox.

With all of the above in my mind, I still have to look my best for the date, I ordered for a denim gown to suit the open roof seaside dinner vibe of the hotel.

I did not want to look overdressed, I wanted it casual, elegant yet classic, and I took couple of pictures and had them posted.

In a matter of minutes; I saw myself on Gori's social media platform with a heartwarming caption, I was got off guard but refused to be impressed. I got ready for the big date.

David Omoh

Sitted at the exclusive table for two, I awaited Shalewa like a man waiting for his bride.

I got chills running all through me as the happenings reminds me of my late dear wife.

I am positive she will be looking down from heaven making sure I make the right decisions.

I am nervous for many reasons, we or should I say I have totally switched the ball game from the usual casual hangout to a very sensitive date.

I was too tensed to even romance my phone, soft music was in play from the ear friendly volumed speaker in the area.

It was only my reserved table that had the couple setting, others were seated in group awaiting their buffet.

I got a little shy though as my friends kept waving at me the man in blue sitting all by himself on an effusively decorated table.

I saw her coming in her denim gown and I was wowed at the beauty, classic with tinge of sexiness, she had her heels on which is weirdly a sexual turn-on of mine.

She came almost natural although adorned in a simple piece of jewelry, with her gait and hair well packed to the back.

She walked towards the table, greeted few friends as she came and that gave me a special peek of her booty as she leaned on a chair to peck greet a friend.

She was in that position for a while and that gave me the grace to just stare at a booty that have uncertainty written all over it.

She finally joined and I was at the point on my feet, after a warm hug and an apology for delay relayed in my ears, we sat to enjoy the night.

She admired my shirt and made compliments of which I appreciated and reciprocated her good dress too.

She gave me the smile with her sharp and ever present dimple. We made the order and she kicked off with a french red wine while I went straight for the liquor to charge up the night.

I could not help but stare at her beautiful face - pure, African and real beauty is what she posses.

Conversation was no issue of ours as we just went on and on with it as usual, we were having a good night.

The meal came, I don't know the name of the meal, all I know is it was special inter-continental dish, good but not worth the amount charged for it.

Shalewa on the other hand devoured and enjoyed the meal which made it a win win!

I watched her all through as she ate and commented about the delicacy, we had a good time afterward talking about stuffs again like the other night, our drinks came respectively as prescribed in my order, alcohol and non alcohol in no particular pattern.

I was not trying to get her drunk but I was interested in experiencing what a drunk Shalewa will look like.

her phone chimed countless times with her ignoring until she finally switched it off to probably enjoy the night, I was not sure I had any claim over her ask and I did not want to shoot myself in the leg.

Shalewa Buknor

The date with Dave was again an eye opener of what it should really be and how it should feel too, it was descent, secure, calm, genuine and above all; tension-free! I never had to second guess myself.

We spent hours poring over intelligent matters in a fun and casual way.

We accompanied each other as usual only in a very more intimate way, we walked very slowly which expresses that we do not want to stop the delight from the wonderful night.

I had my scarf covering my neck and had a whole lot running through my brain, the arrogance of my hormones was second to nothing, I was totally a the peril of David irrespective of  the fences.

After a long non-stressful walk, we were finally at my door and just like you are thinking now, I figured a kiss is imminent and I was expecting it.

I had that needy look on my face, my hairs were up and I felt the sensitivity of my nipple.

David on the other wanted it too, I could tell, I leaned on the door of my room I was reluctant to open, we discussed irrelevant matters until David leaned in and broke my guard.

I lost all of my resistance ammo I had and responded well to the very wet, very tacit and very soft kiss.

He (David) exhaled very heavily like the kiss was a source of relief from a burden, I enjoyed every bit of his lips as he dug deep into my guts.

My breathing lost balance and became heavier, he pinned me hard to the wall and grabbed my ass - which was the typical Gori move.

I wanted to stop, I really wanted to but I could not, I wanted to stop because it looked wrong, I did not want to stop because it felt right.

I was trapped in the moment; I felt the door opened behind me and I let out a soft moan in expectant of the probational event!

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