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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Not a Fling anymore ( Ré and Melanie's conclusion) 1


We neared the bleachers and the noise was deafening. Oh my bloody fuck. I've never been inside a football stadium before!

His hands drew me tight and close and i felt reassurance whip through me. What a blessed relief!

He's been distracted by his phone and I feared that the crowd is going to sweep me away; hence breaking our connection.

I tightened my hold and glanced at his face. His face was so sexy and all edgy. As if he could sense my gaze, he looked down at me and gave me a blinding smile.

"Well babe, it seems our luck is about to change. Peter just shot me a text. The bastard has a box! A fucking VIP box. Baby, we are gon rock tonight!" I smiled in huge relief. Even with our tickets, we've not been able to make it into the stadium.

A uniformed man suddenly walked up to us and presented us with a pass. Oh well, it was like magic.

We were gestured to move forward and I could hear the grumbles and hissing of the rest of the snide crowd we left behind.

Soon enough, we were in the stadium and it was filled to capacity. The lights and noise blinded me for a moment and I felt disoriented. Not Ré though.

I quickly located Peter's Box. My bloody fuck, this guy must know very important people.

We stepped in and he hugged us. "Man, how're you doing?"
"I'm good bro, thanks for the help"
"It's nothing man".. He grinned. We slapped each other's back genially.

Melanie also greeted him and It felt like my eyes were hypnotized by her. I can't believe the effect she has on me, but I've learned to accept it.

She's my Fucking woman, and I fucking love her and that's why I'm fucking fulfilling her fantasies tonight.


"Hello guys.." A delicious but firm voice said. Our eyes swiveled to the fourth person in the room.

"My apologies, this is Tade, my fiancee. Tade, this is Ré and Lanie whom I've told you so much about" peter said.

I looked on in confusion. Everyone in the whole world knows that Tola is Peter's fiancee.

"Oh, and she's Tola's twin sister.." my eyes found Ré's and we looked on shocked.

A huge smile broke out on her face. And damn what a beautiful one. She stood up and i saw the incredible fullness of her body- as opposed to my more slender one.

Whooo, I like her already, I thought. "Nice to meet you guys.. I can see you're all shocked.. But wait.. Did you ever like that Bitter bitch?"

After a super charged second, we all burst into laughter. Yeah, no one liked Tola. She's a nasty (not the hot kind) woman, who's bitter and incredibly selfish.

We used to wish for a better fiancée for peter and secretly wished they don't end up getting married. I know i don't know Tade yet, but her yummy voice and Hot body- I'd take over Tola's bitchiness anyday.

We all hated her at the production House. She acted better than everyone else and we couldn't say nothing because we all liked peter too much. We didn't want to hurt his feelings.

The "devil you know is better than an angel you don't" definitely doesn't apply in this case. I'm taking the angel.

Soon enough, we all mingled and when the football match began, we focused.

I glanced at Peter and winked. The two women didn't know they were being set up.

While we were all focused on the live match in front of us, I pulled Lanie closer and ran my hands softly on her stomach through the shirt.

She glanced up at me sharply and I grinned wickedly.

The Fun just began.

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