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Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Night of 8th of June

The night of 8th june

The night was a tunnel
With no view of light

The night when I and him
Got separated after a fight

It was no unusual night but the night of 8th June
Spent staring at the window, the beauty of the moon

Restless as I was and terribly insane
Suffering from the piercing and excruciating pain

With open eyes I was dreaming
With close eyes, screaming

The dark silent room made me hear voices
Haunting me, were my actions and my choices

It was no usual night but the night of 8th June
The darkest of all I would realize soon

Deafening were the voices, and the clock tick sound
Lost where my senses, nowhere to be found

Ice cream didn't help nor did Pepsi
The pain choked my throat, how brutally it kills!

The pillow was wet by big drops of tears
Scaring me, was the future and my own tears

I will stop now telling you about the night of 8th June
Tired are my senses and helplessly strewn.

Ice Queen ❄

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