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Tuesday, 18 July 2017



Staring at a sunlit picture of hell

Days past man still lives in tears

Living with chronic diseases, blasted skulls

With their hearts and heads in their hands

Breathing rich concealed dust

Richer than the  fetal soil in their lungs

Not so long ago

We felt love and were loved

We witnessed dawn....

Watched the Sun glow

As we savoured the suns warmth

We walked the earth with our heads held up high

Celebrating life

Shared more than hugs and kisses

Hypnotized our souls with a thought of the after life

We ran with joy screaming we can conquer it all

Convinced our strength that we were strong

We'll never know

That life is the kindest, sweetest person we've ever known

In a perpetual voyage in darkness

Blinded by insecurities

In a world of miracle possibilities

We were told of Jesus

Yet we walked with our eyes brightly staring at Lucifer

Reduced to nothing we ask Jesus to help us

Our destinies may differ

But we all under the curse of death

Buried ourselves in known minds

Western  ideologies, happy days and harmonies

Fill up our empty minds.....

What are we after death

Righteous hearts living scared of hell

It is a nightmare that hunts us each and every

We the dead skulls and skeletons whose soul  is lost

Always looking for the way through

We lived life confused

Even after death we stil blinded

By our past selves

Destiny calls a wake up call

To an imaginary land a place of sins

Where we strive to exist

Next to our ancient selves

But we just dead souls from heaven

That burnt in hell

And manifested to become humans on earth

Awaiting for our resurrection

We've vow to abstain sin

But we're just voids and vessels filled with nothing

We just a voice that has been silenced by needs

We the dead people trying to find peace.

Ice Queen ❄

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