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Monday, 17 July 2017

Dear Daughter 4

I waved at him and he came over with joy in his eyes, he bought me a drink which is the usual currency paid by men to personalize the attention of a lady.

He took me to a more cozy part of the wide bar, and we got talking as we drank.

He was a good communicator and with so much memoirs together, it was easy and interesting to run conversations.

I thought of leaving after a while but the thought that I was going to no one at home made strain my stay.

More drinks went down and I was getting wild (which I usually am only around your dad) - every song began to appeal to me and I was dancing (I was a good dancer I must say).

My vibe around him (my friend) bestowed him the position of an interim boyfriend, I got loud and all mushy with him, the arrogance of my hormones mixed with liquor was setting a mood that would later hurt and taunt me.

It was almost midnight and I was damn drunk, I was conscious of my environment and also aware being alone in this state will be worse than it have been in the last month.

I remembered my friend asking what my address was so he can get me home (a chance I had to break the curse), I used my wiles and lied that I was not staying around and my area is not safe at that time we were.

He was reluctant to suggest his home; instead he suggested an hotel and I took offense.

That must have convinced him that I wanted something to happen, you cannot blame him for the misconception.

We drove through the heavy rain to his house, with auspice of the luxurious lighting in the house; I could see the beauty of the duplex even in my drunken state.

I had my hands around his neck while staring at him lustfully, gradually; his resistance was wearing off and as he was responding especially when I sarcastically questioned his potency.

It was a cold midnight with us alone in the big house, maybe it was the drink talking but it meant sex to me.

He made us tea and some pancakes when I said I was hungry after which he entered the bathroom to have his bath, I watched him pull his clothes off, he was damn sexy, averagely muscular and my fantasia ability came to play.

I felt like pouncing on him but the fear of rejection held me back, I took his towel though just to make sure he comes out nude. I totally caused it.

It happened as I planned as he came out abs filled and reasonably athletic, there was an upsurge in the level of adrenaline running through me, I stared at him and he gave me chills.

I was at this junction naked waiting to be dealt with in the bed. Although it was how he pictured but the look on his face proved it was what he wanted.

It looked like he was controlling the situation but his dick refused to be in order, it stood hard agreeing to the meal it was staring at, my pussy on the other hand was joyous.

He helplessly came to the bed and it was all romance momentum, he kissed me well as well as I can remember.

I felt the burden drop from my head, I was deep into the kiss that I think I was calling the name of your father, he probably was too carried away.

He grabbed my bulbs and did a whole lot with them which was not new to me, it felt like he was filling for your daddy.

He sucked well on my breasts and it was lavish pleasure, I moaned wild and loud just like it is with your dad, I wanted to stop but it would not mean your dad will come at the needy moment.

He massaged my ass and dip his fingers in my hoes which got me crazy, my lips were folded; that depicts absolute pleasure.

He paused and stood, I asked him what the matter was in a very peeved manner, he answered with an activity.

He was searching furiously through his drawers, and I asked again what the matter was with my voice on its highest pitch.

He said "condoms" and I was disgusted,  I stood and drew him back to work, it was then I knew he was getting the pussy.

I would have stopped but I was too horny to, he had to finish what he had started.

He tardily he came back and got me back to the clouds where I was, he was getting ready to insert is dick when I demanded to be given a blow-job as it is now an habit with your pop.

He averred that I sounded weird and probably he could discern I have good sex mapped out in my head.

He hit my vagina with his lips, he was an amateur but with my adept teaching, he did quite well, juice filled his beards and mustache courtesy my pussy!

He inserted and worked the work, he was fast, inconsiderate and very flexible, he demanded less from me and just made it his job to give the pleasure of my life.

He being fast did not help me think properly, his inconsideration made me forget I was destroying something and he been flexible made me feel comfortable with the whole thing!

I thought he would wreck my vagina as his pace was out of hand, it reeks of vigor, this went on with me making a serious noise.

The dogs were barking maybe because they think a murder was taking place, maybe or not my friend was following the playbook of a one night stand; but he was at the apogee of his sexual ability.

His dick was marinated in my juice, he buried all of his dick me, left me choking as he cum in floods into me.

I opened my eyes after a very fast meeting held in my head about the disaster tenable from the act he just brought to play; I pushed him off with pure anger, "this could get me pregnant!" I foolishly thought.

I ran to the bathroom and tried digging out the toxants. The water from the shower beating my back made it dawn on me that I have committed a serious blunder.

I was in there for a while crying and all, I covered my face in shame, "he was nothing like your father" I concluded because it never feels this way after the deed.

I got out of the bathroom with a stern face (that which I should have given earlier), I declared my inconvenience and how much I need to leave the house.

The drinks were totally out of my system, I was angry at the whole thing, he pleaded with me to stay till morning with the assurance that he will be in room downstairs which he did, I cried bitterly when it was just me in the room.

Honey, it was the most demeaning phase of my life.

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