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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Househelp from Hell 2

My mind almost blew apart. Pull my top and expose my breasts? Just because of a job?

I glanced at his eyes and saw them looking at me placidly. It was as if i imagined what he said. It was not to last though.

"I don't have much time, and trust me, I have a lot of people to interview for this job." he was starting to lose interest.

My mind ping ponged alot of options. It's not actually prostitution.. My mind conceded. I needed this fucking job. I remembered my aunt again and quickly, my fingers flew to the buttons of my shirt.

I could see a slight smile tilt the corner of his lips. Goosebumps rose on the skin of my breasts when i exposed them to the air.

"pull of the shirt" he rasped. The shirt fell from my arms and hit the chair behind me. I looked at him and saw that his gaze was lasered on my face.

He was watching for my reaction. I tried hard not to flinch- i didn't want to give him that satisfaction. "Good. Bring out those titties from the cups. I want to see your nipples".

I didn't know how another shock hit me. How I'm surprised is still past me. I'm supposed to expect that once i accept the initial command, others will definitely come.

My breath hitches as I push down the left cup and pull my breast out.
“Mmmm, that’s pretty ,” he says low. “Look at that nipple. So brown and lush and getting hard just listening to my voice.”  

 Shit. I look down. My nipple is hard, but it’s not from what he’s saying. It’s not. It’s just cold in here. That’s all. Right, maybe I could believe that.

I can't believe I'm getting maybe just a tad turned on by all this. My full breasts were out and they sat big, high and proud on the bra cups.

His gaze was intense and by the way he looked at my breasts, you would think he was admiring a prize architecture. Or artifact. I didn't feel in anyway degraded.

"Your breasts are beautiful, rose." I could only nod. "You get the job dearie." I was about to talk, when he interrupted.

"With no strings attached. I was going to give you the job anyway, but since you so irresistibly offered to do anything it took, I couldn't resist." I felt anger fill me.

His voice lost all playfulness and turned firm. "I am not going to force you to do anything you don't want to. Resume work at this address, by 7am prompt tomorrow. Attached to that file," he slid a file to me.

"Is your salary, job specifications and house rules. If you have any comments or complaints, we'd discuss it tomorrow." That was definitely a dismissal.

I stood up and silently buttoned up, picked the file and left. At the door, he stopped me with a single "rose".

I turned back to look at him. "My brother and I will be expecting you. Do not keep us waiting."

Wait what? There is two of him?! I stumbled out of the office in panic. Peter overrides my thinking faculty and makes my mind shut down.

I began to pray that the other one is nothing like him because i don't know if i can cope with the both of them.

I got home and finally read through the file. I was astonished by the salary as it was much more than I ever thought possible.

I read through the documents and it seemed very okay to me. They offered accommodation and that seemed reasonable because their house was very far from mine.

I kept on seeing phrases like "estate grounds" and assumed they lived on an estate. I mulled over the contract and finally signed it. I have no complaints, just a few questions.

I went to sleep, with dreams of peter and his faceless brother all in my dreams.

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