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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Take My Virginity 1

He was inside me, inside my mouth. So this was what it felt like…sucking dick…and I loved it.

Seriously, I could stare at it – him – all day. Look up at the tense lines of his face from my position on my knees before him.

It wasn’t just because of his size though, both length or girth…that would take a whole day to rave about.

Every part of his penis was perfectly shaped, even its texture inside my mouth was a feeling I couldn’t get over.

The tip was just so soft. It felt so delicate, but all the rest of him was the complete opposite, rock hard.

His erection felt like steel against my hand and it dug in and out of my mouth like a drill.

I couldn’t help the gagging noises as the tip darted again inside me, poking my throat.

He probably must have been all the more turned on with the sounds if the way he grabbed fistfuls of my hair was any indication.

He was careful, yet pushed me. At first, I’d thought there was no way I could swallow all of him, but little by little, he’d gone deeper.

Saliva dripped down my chin and I breathed his muskiness through my nose. “Such a good cock sucker for Daddy". He groaned.

Him fingering me, me pleasuring myself for his private viewing, and him planting a trail of warm kisses all over my skin, it all felt so great, but me sucking him was a whole other level.

It piqued my interest when it came to sex. To the intimacy of it. The power behind the actions.

While I was on my knees, I definitely took some of his control as soon as I took his cock into the back of my throat.

And his arousal only fueled  mine...Patience, I reminded myself. Good girls get rewarded.

His hands rested against each side of my face, a firm cup against my cheeks, as he continued to thrust his dick in and out my mouth.

His head fell backwards as he let out a series of roaring groans. He sounded primal and hungry, like the true Alpha that he was, the more I felt my pussy turn wet.

I was ready for him, more than ready, and I could tell he was as well.

Slowly, he pulled himself out of my mouth and stared at me from head to toe.

“I’m not coming in that mouth, you tease. You might be able to suck the cum from my balls, but I want it deep in that pussy of yours, not your belly. Lose the top, little girl.”

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