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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Househelp from Hell Final

I got the job and trust me, it was all I expected and more. I was free and i wasn't accosted.

His brother was awesome like him and they made me feel like a woman. I quickly relocated to their house and started putting my former life behind me.

They didn't make me feel any bad for being a cleaner, and they Infact tried to know more about me.

I wouldn't lie- I'm disappointed that they didn't make any move towards me. I began to think about them and what i felt in that office that day.

I decided to start making incredible moves to seduce the both of them. I'd wear tiny boy shorts all around the house and etch innocence all over my face.

I gave them serious attention and made them see the intellectual behind the cleaner.

Little did i know that i was also falling for the both of them. I finally decided within me to have the both of them.

They are attractive, sexy looking and best of all, rich. I mean, who doesn't just love a single rich man? And in my case, Men?

Even if they had girlfriends, i was ready to kill for them. I brought out the big guns- my breasts and my brains.

I finally figured out that they see intelligent women as more appealing and best of all, i had no competition as they are very busy men.

Things became interesting when i realized that they share women. I mean, like menage.

Fantasises of fucking the both of them saturated my mind and i began to plot how to get them. And how to tie them down.

The fateful day came- their birthday. It was planned by we three and we threw a totally big party.

After the party - where they've taken a lot of vodka shots, i surely gave myself to them, knowing fully well that they are honorable men and will feel guilty for "taking advantage" of me.

We fucked like rabbits that night.. And no, I'm not giving details - I'm not a snitch. I wasn't on the pill and i made sure to break the condoms while wearing it for them.

Imagine their guilt the next day and the way i kept on pacifying them both. I pacified them with my cunt.

I made sure to fuck them again. And again and again without protection.

A month later, i found i was pregnant. The greatest joy of my life, but i pretended to be aghast.

It became their turn to take care of me and pacify me. I became the queen of their life and less than some months later, i married peter.

We didn't bother to check the paternity of our baby. We love our baby and he completed us. I married the other twin too-albeit secretly.

I got what i wanted and although, i was particular about the cash - I'm not an hypocrite, i loved them too.

Thanks for reading my story.

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