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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


How did a good girl go bad.
You took that loud and puffed like Diddy.
Going from Xscape to Quilox, grinding and shaking that "idi".
Giving out heads and tails like a coin toss.
You gave it to that Chevron boss.
I guess the bands didn't only make her dance, the bands made her also take off her pants.

How did a good girl go bad.
How did she flip like a reciprocal.
How did things take a dip, both feet in the wet end that is steep.
Now she kisses Mary... Yes am talking 'bout the same one they call Jane.
Now she cruises in rovers and Wagons, Scrr...Scrr... switching lanes.
Willingly giving out her body, afterall she likes getting the dough and being flipped on the bed like Pages.
How did she get here, even Pole vaulting over the "hoelosho" stages.
Now she's in the executive suite at transcorp with her friends.
Passing that blunt like batons in a relay race, waiting pon the 'ristos to come divide and conquer... but every illusion comes to an end.
One way or the other they do so eventually.
Nobody keeping score, nobody checking the tally.
So for the umpteenth time i ask, how did a good girl go bad.
How did the script get flipped.
How did she go from feeding cocks in her father's farm to sucking them.
How did she go from coming to classes early, to making her lecturers cum early.
How did she go from taking pictures with her awards to stripping for the Kodak.
How did she go from all white to all black.
How did she go astray... ashes far away from the ash tray.
How did she go from zipping up to spreading her legs far apart, ready to be gobbled up and slayed.
At the end of the day she's taken a stand, even if she's not morally standing tall.
Her friends whispering in her ears like buzzing mosquitoes.
So now when she does her hair, nails or toes.
It ain't to amplify her obvious beauty.
It's coz she's been flipped, her insecurities ensures she crosses all Ts and dots all Is.
So if i ask how a good girl got bad, it's obviously a rhetoric.
Sometimes i wonder about origins, and this is not different.
We might never know how she got flipped.
We might never know how she got in so deep.
There's one thing we do know tho... whatever comes with the rain, comes with the snow.
The cold...

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