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Wednesday, 16 May 2018


As she did every night she sat at her window
Hoping to heavens the ghost of her daddy would be bestowed
Losing him so early in her life was an unbearable pain
Her heart left feeling like it had been slain
Slain with the blade of death which took her forever love
Looking up to the Heaven's asking why to God above
Every night as she sat at that window she cried tears of loneliness 
Longing for one last touch or one last gentle hug
As time passed on her daddy's ghost never did show
So she made a deal with the devil that resided in Hell below
She promised him she'd live in eternal damnation by his side
If she could just see her daddy oh just one more time
The next night as she sat next to the window in waiting
The devil knew that her happiness would be worth his parading
Parading of his deception that he presented and won her soul
But the devil presented himself as her father as a fake mould
She cried with happiness rejoicing in his presence 
But soon she started to realize that this wasn't her daddy's essence
Then the devil revealed his horrible face to her
Telling her that she sold her soul and would now forever burn
She hung her head in shame and begged as she wept
But the wicked devil of Hell took her soul and left

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