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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

sexy janitor 8

I was buzzed by Bridget to meet with her at a very open location and I wonder why she will want us to be in a place that open. my friend suspects it is to tame me which is usually the modus of the top class individuals. Well, whatever, I'm going.

I was bent on going and he gave up on convincing me not to go. I got to the open air restaurant and it was situated in a garden.. graced with flourishing flowers, functional lights and chairs arranged clearly for the couple philandering.. very colorful indeed, I met with for the first time in a long time, dressed very ostentatiously in a green gown in the company of a tall and muscular man who I sensed to be her bodyguard.

She sat and we began to talk, I was not comfortable but was courageous. she kept it pretty normal and we talked in details about our online moments.. I cheered up more, and she ordered for very superb fine wine and some chops.

She got a call, stood up, walked out and came back with somebody with a more effusive escort. I got scared at this junction, and I stood in fear but that will appear to people as sign of respect. the federal capital territory minister came in, the atmosphere changed, I am panicking at this point and I wish I had listened to my friend, what is Bridget trying to do? - The minister made his way to another side of the garden which through its wealth embellishment which is looking like a VIP and most reserved part, one of the bodyguard informed me that the minister will love to see me.

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