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Monday, 14 May 2018

His sister my adeola 5

The gist was lit AF! And time flied like a saucer tearing up air resistance. Then it hit me, Adeola was still in the eoom and she must be uncomfortable AF. I had to think of a way to discharge this niggas.

In the middle of the gist I just stood up and told 'em, ''Guys make I escort una, me self wan push go somewhere like this I just remember''
They looked at me for like 3 seconds (which lasted like forever)  and bursted into a friggin' round of sinister laughter.
"So you wan dey pursue us abi"
"Haba, no be so o... I jus gats reach one side"
"No wahala we go pack our load dey go, Zoz je ka bounce"
I was happy Af, and but that happiness wouldn't last for long, I no know wetin carry im eye go dere, the next voice was Zoza's
"Segun this guy get woman inside house o, na why im wan pursue us... See woman bag near TV"
He had spotted Adeola's bag where I kept it besides the television... TF! I was in soup, somebody say 'Hot Soup!'.
"David you be baddo o... Well we know that one before"
"Segun no mind am, wey im for tell us sey im wan go continue in naks, we for don free am, human beings ehn"
I had a pale smile on, I should say something to divert the attention, but I couldn't think. I was badly thrown off by the bag they had sighted.
"Segun, be like sey Adeola get this kind bag sef"
"Zoza, na true you talk o... Make I look the bag weda na her type"
Jesus... If I don't stop this mad seqe from checking that bag out,  I AM TOAST!

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