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Sunday, 6 May 2018

sexy janitor 3

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This was happening fast, I was not thinking straight and it is evident that I am wasting the precious time of these men, they were about leaving taking my silence for a "No" - whether it is the devil or not, I don't know, I held the hands of one and agreed, their face lit up with joy.
They ushered me to the a room, taking off my over raw uniforms and gave me new set of black pant to wear, also they gave me a drink, more like a milk shake; looking all creamy. I don't know what it is but I took it any way.

They asked for my account number and wired in my presence #400,000; they confirmed the remainder will be sent after my service, I was ecstatic. I know how long it takes me to save up 400k and I am getting it in just one night and in a speed of light. I requested for my phone to check and I saw 400k dancing as my account as my balance, even my account was happy.

I hugged the job at this junction. I was feeling an insane rush through me and I am getting very hyperactive. I was talking and acting with frills, my hands was bulging with my veins and I'm sure if i looked in the mirror, my eyes would be dilated too. My dick was hard as cement now, and aching to be used. Where is all these strength coming from?

I sat close to my mistress for the night, slim and creamy melanin color. She was wearing a fitted but long black gown, the perfume she was wearing is enough to want to dive into her, her silver chain peeping.
She's sipping a Russian brand krov scotch. That tells me that she is warming up for the night, though she was keeping a calm straight face.

I moved closer to her, keeping a very cozy body relationship. Her flawless skin was glowing, and with the auspice of the light, I was able to see too that she is not all that young; maybe late 40s or early 50s.
Something in that drink I was given is messing with my head, I couldn't help myself as I leaned in to kiss the woman, the morale was at its apogee! I'm absolutely crazy for her; all my inhibitions are down!

She was not surprised though, she responded in a shy way, she suggested we go to her room and I obliged without a word. I gulped the rest of her drink and stood like a wounded lion, my dick is putting in work to just tear its way our of my pants.
I feel within myself like I am going to wreck my client's pussy tonight.. Fuck, I'm going to destroy that cunt. She paid for it. We went in her lodged room in a staggering gait. I went straight to the bathroom, eased myself first and had a shower.. It was hard to do so without fucking her first; but I'd sweated and I needed to give her the full experience.

The water beat my back softy, and my cock hard and very hot, It laid turgid and heavy while pointing straight up to my stomach. Its been awhile i fucked though.. Arousal ran rampant in my veins. I stroked it and held it like I was I looking for the owner.
I walked into the room in that manner and I met my client undressed, looking so fucking edible. She asked that I let her have her bath too, my dick found this very pesky, and time wasting. It wants to sink into her heat now!

She was looking a little petrified at the fierce look on my face and curved hard dick. I agreed and asked her to make it fast. I laid myself on the bed facing the ceiling. Its a mirrored one; and I could see through the mirror what was scary about me.
I saw my veins looking like they are going to explode, my broad chest, the very complete six packs are angry and needs to unleash it on something! I waited for minutes too long for her and I was getting pissed, the horniness is now disastrous, my dick was hard standing without any support whatsoever.

 I went to knock the bathroom door and she said she is sorry, "for what?" I asked in a very low aggressive manner, "My period just came" she declared!! NO way! something has to be done, "I don't mind" I said trying to contest. She kept the door locked, I lost my cool and start to bang on it, It was like I was on drugs or was I? she sounded very petrified,
"I don't make love when I am on my period, besides; my stomach is aching badly" - she was trying to reach an agreement with me, "Fuck No! we need to fuck!!" I answered her. I continually banged on the door..what the fuck?! I need to fuck something now! Fuck. I felt near bursting.

Amidst the dilemma, the security came in after hearing our not-sexual noise, they tamed me and opened the door for the naked woman. My strength rejuvenated and I struggled against the men holding me with might and vigor that i cannot even explain. I need to just pounce on this woman and get this load out of me! I need to fuck her now. Feel her pussy fisting the fucking shit out of the dick. It's going to ram the fuck outta her!

I struggled harder and they called for back up. I couldn't reach her anyway because it was me against six men. I was furious and it appears everyone understands why, and no one was blaming me for it. Something jabbed into my bulging arms and I blacked out almost immediately.

I woke around noon the following morning in front of the company I worked for as a janitor. Dressed in my overall uniform, I struggled to remember all that happened prior.. I was sure I went to a guesthouse and I was offered a job! I checked my phone and the 800k increase was smiling at me, that confirmed some facts to me.

It was a paradox for me and few scene from the Odyssey flashed like vision in my eyes, my tongue was sore which reminded me that I drank a lot of scotch! I nursed the torment for the whole day, all that came to me was just making the already puzzled situation hard, nothing was definite so I had no clear explanation about last night; something was sure though, there will be taxi driving today.

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