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Sunday, 6 May 2018

sexy janitor 2

Image result for sexy painting of a manNot just any car, but the type that the rich folks will consider to enter. with the savings I had, lending from my father's friends and the few friend I'd made, I raised the money for the car in the space of four months.
Many things had to be on hold at home as my kid sister had to wait another year to write exams, one of my sister had to skip a semester and other hiccups. I knew what I was into when I got the car; I pimped it to the Asokoro, Garki and Gwagwalada taste, it is a Toyota corolla sport car and I registered with the online taxi agents and numerous others.

The money began to roll in as time passed by; kudos to hard work. I was loved by my customers probably because I am learned and relate well with them. Things leaped a bit but financial traffic was still featuring.
I applied for the job of a janitor with Roscoe agency and I was called up early enough, and I explained that I will be doing a night shift because I work and go to school too. I assured them of a standard service. After much deliberation, I got the job!.

It was a good pay and it's adventurous; it paid by the hour (2,200 an hour) and I work for five hours, all through the night. Because I have a car; I was given more good places to cover on different nights; deluxe hotels, firms, houses etc in the best part of the town.

This has been my curve in the last nine months and things are gradually getting back to place; now than when I was in the warehouse, I can afford things for myself and my relatives. I moved to a new apartment with my friend in another fair part of Abuja for easy mobility. Life is fair, hardwork is paying well, I am doing well with culinary school, taxi driving is going well too and the Janitor job is crowning my effort.

Every morning is a pay day, not every Nigerian can say that! I and my friend John was posted to Mannie and Lannie guest house to work, John was ill and I decided to cover for him, the place was in the very famous Maitama estate. I drove there using the address I was given by my boss orally.
It was a very silent building with no obvious activity. I got to the gate, relayed to the security men my purpose of coming, and after some elaborated protocols of rigorous searching, they allowed me in.
The search fueled my curiosity about what the place was all about, its very quiet and without people milling about. I got scared at some point and remembering this is Abuja; the home of the powerful, I remembered also that I didn't see any sign post of the place anywhere; top it all, my phone was seized from me.

With fear; I said prayers in my heart as I carried my cleaning agents in the gallery looking building. Another staff was my compass to the point where my service was needed. Opening the door, I did a double take. Soft ft instigating music hit me and I saw an interior setting like a lounge; with a lot of people, lights so red like an orgy is going on.. women were in more populace  than men and they were only in panties, strategically arranged, some male were on the poles, dancing in a very sexy way. The view hit me in shock.

I thought this was the job of a woman, really? Men strip? it was raining money, and some were displayed like they were auctioning. subsequently; one of the seated women will make a request and the guy will come to take her in the lead of the ushers, the whole staff from the look of things here are male and their customers are the women, but my question is whether it is a brothel or a spa?! I'm seriously confused.

"I like that one in uniform" a voice said audibly and all I saw was a green light on me, I was not sure what was happening because I had began to doze at a corner, waiting to be called upon to clean, "or is he too expensive?" the voice inquired.

Two men in suit came to me, in their late 40s and both bald, they said "It is your lucky day today" - I was dumbfounded as to their insinuation, "I don't understand you" I replied politely and one of them swiftly interrupted moving closer to me "that woman wants you to fuck her and get paid, is that not a win-win for you?" - Damn he was raw and very precise.

I was still trying to digest his statement when he confirmed the woman is willing to pay two million for my service and have paid half in advance. My ears stood like that of a gun dog, two million Naira! life and direct, I was staring at the two of them with indecision, "should we tell her No and return her money? it is your call!" one of them said. Who the fuck drops 2 million to get fucked?! A woman for that matter!

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