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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

sexy janitor 9

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF COUPLES PAINTINGI stood up while shaking, my raging urge went sabbatical, why will the number one citizen want to see me, it is scary! Why is Bridget not right by my side? Is this the end of my life? My thoughts were very wild.
I was seated right across the minister, very fair and with neat beards all over his face, he is a northerner, his "F" for "P" factor in his accent made me know this.

He's dressed in bright blue jalamia with a cap on his head, he ordered a wine and took some calls for about 30mins and as he sips the 400k wine,  his wife (my mistress) was seated too, smiling and assuring me with hand descriptions that there is no cause for alarm. What's it with the rich people and making someone stew?

I am sweating from ass down to my balls, trying to keep my cool. The northern politician dropped the call, smiled and offered me his wine, I declined respectively by showing him I still have drink in my cup. He said his first word to me "You are the one that wants to fuck my wife?"

- I froze; my heart was about walking out of its position when he proceeded; "I love this woman and want happiness for her, she have an urge that I cannot satisfy, I am hypertensive and there is not much I can do in bed related matters especially with my nature of job." I was staring at the table, I am doubting if my ears are working well!
It appears fucking Bridget is a wish of her husband, there was rejuvenation in my urge suddenly but then I am still scared, "so for the as long as she wants, you will be filling that space, no strings, it is simply an employment offer from me to you." - I could not digest the utterance made by the gentle looking man, it beats my wildest imagination to experience this. he declared clearly that he was willing to pay- and he whet my appetite when he whispered into the ears of one of his aide; the whisper produced one thousand dollars in raw and smooth cash. Great!

The night ended in a paradox for me, everyone except me was sure of what was going to happen but fuck it; money is involved and none of my father's valid orientations told me to say "no" to money!

Bridget and I after the eventful night talked deeper, it doesn't look or feel like an illicit affair anymore, we need the best spot to make this work. she was contemplating where exactly is perfect for our rendevouz, I suggested an hotel but she bluntly refused, it is too exhibiting she claimed, even any of her house in the country is out of it; neither can we go abroad; no public light was come into the affair because of the position of her husband.
It seem the oldie is willing to make this happen for long time, she claimed she is protecting me more than herself by saying no, I didn't understand her but since her measure is protecting me, I am fine with it.

The fuck is long overdue is the most discussed topic in our circadian discussion until when she came up with a very bright suggestion, it is very subtle and no public eye will see us, she suggested it happens in her office where I met her the other day. Perfect! All this have to be done to protect her family gravitas.

 She influenced my posting on a very beautiful thursday night, I smiled crookedly when I got the text, finally! the long awaited time! I made sure I was clean for the day, shaved all shavables, drank well the herbs i have always believed in, my friend John suspected but nothing was giving him any clue.

I set out at exactly 10pm, got to the proposed venue; just like the last time, I was searched and taken in, my avid for the event propelled me, I knew where I was going; I even struggled to do the assignment I was given by my company. I took a glimpse through the glass door of the Mrs Bridget office and I saw her looking very busy waiting for me.. she raised her legs for me to see, well; I just dropped my mop and walked in, this is just me and madam in on the highest floors of a condo and nothing can be more demystifying.
Walked to her table, a rich brown wooden table which have introduced its self to be our cradle through the ceremonious event about to go down.

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