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Friday, 4 May 2018

WET 11

Image result for sexy posesThe next day

Ngozi woke up in a rush, the events of the day before slamming through her. She cant imagine that she let her lies go that far. Ade bashir's friend has seen her cunt! Shame filled her and she cringed.. Bashir came out of the bathroom and quickly dressed up fro work. 'i'd be back soon baby, he said and she followed him downstairs in her nightie, all the while wishing she could stab him.

Bashir left and not long after, someone rang the bell and voila, it's Ade. Ngozi knew what Ade was thinking, she knew that the picture of her pussy was indelibly etched in his mind, and she prayed that he'd hurry up and leave so she could relax and contemplate last evening's events in peace. She tried to bar his entry, but honestly, what could she say was her reason for doing so?

'Bashir works too hard,'Ade quipped, as he moved forward, perching himself on the edge of the sofa.
'Yes, he does.' shr replied tensely.
'That's what I've told him, but he won't listen. Anyway, Ade, I'm tired after travelling back from the course so, if you don't mind...?'

There was a pause. she sensed an awkward silence as he shifted on the sofa. What was he thinking? But worse, what was he planning? He knew the word. Surely, he wouldn't...

'EXPLICIT,' he breathed softly as he looked down at the floor. Her heart missing several beats, SHE stifled a gasp as the word reverberated through her aching mind.. This was ridiculous, she thought, keeping perfectly still as she wondered what the hell to do. Surely Ade wouldn't...

'you sexy little thing - I want you to stand up.' Desperately trying to think of a way out of the incredible situation, she stood up and turned to face him, her eyes staring blankly at the wall. Unless she played the game he would tell Bashir- and she'd be exposed. She wanted to continue the game with Bashir but, she decided, there was no way she'd follow Ade's instructions.

'Take your slutty gown off,' he ordered firmly. No, no, her subconscious screamed. Her stomach churning, alarm bells ringing, she realized that her arousal was rising fast. But she couldn't bring herself to strip before Ade. Or worse, masturbate as he watched. 'Come on, take it off' he repeated indignantly.

The protesting voice in her subconscious fading, losing the battle, her clitoris swelling, urgent in its demand for attention, she knew that she was quickly falling prey to her darker side. Tugging her short skirt down, she decided to put a halt to the proceedings should things go too far - to take her deception a little way down the dangerous road, and then turn back.

Kicking her teddy aside, she stood before her master, her bulging panties wet, stained - blatantly on display. Her mind reeling, she was all too aware of her demanding clitoris now, her sex-juices seeping between her engorged inner lips.

'Panties,' he said firmly. 'Come on, take your panties off, I'm enjoying this. I want to see your wet snatch.'
Her heart fluttering, her hands trembling, she knew this was the ultimate test. Was it worth it? To fool Bashir and continue with her games, to discover his secret fantasies, his inner desires - was it worth revealing her feminine intimacy to Ade?

'I knew you were lying to me,' he scoffed. 'You might be able to fool Bashir, but you can't fool me. I don't know why you're playing this game with him, I don't know what you're up to - but I'll tell him that you've taken him in, tricked him. Trigger word, my arse.' ade said angrily.

Pulling her panties down to her knees, ngozi sensed his eyes on her swelling pussy lips. His amorous gaze was burning into her very femininity, piercing the sexual centre of her very being. But this was all part of the big con, all part of the game that had started as a joke and quickly got out of hand.

Her thinking was blurred, her mind confused as she tried to think what was driving her to display her pussy to another man - what goading monster lurked within her mind.
'Your panties are stained with your cunt juice,' ade observed crudely. 'Fuck me, you really are under hypnosis!' Her face flushing, her womb fluttering, her thoughts swayed between her dangerous game and the compelling need between her inflamed vaginal lips.

What the hell would ade ask of her next? Christ, if Bashir were to walk in! But, she consoled herself again, she was the innocent party, blameless, guiltless - impeccable in her innocence.
'Take your bra right off,' he ordered.  'There's nothing I like more than a bloody good pair of tits!'

He picked up her panties and she watched as he held her warm panties to his face and breathed in her girl-fragrance. But strangely, she felt no embarrassment now - only a dangerous inner desire for sexual satisfaction. As she freed her firm breasts her nipples grew, hardening as her arousal continued to soar to frightening heights. Her areolae darkening, she stood completely naked before her new master, wondering what obscenity he'd demand of her.

'Come closer to me and open your cunt lips,' he demanded crudely. Were all men like this? she wondered as she took two steps forward and peeled her fleshy girlhood open, revealing her intimate inner sex-folds to his sparkling eyes.

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