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Saturday, 12 May 2018


I carried the charged hardworking acumen into everything, I understood at an early age that I do not posses physical strength for anything, I was not skilled with my hands, therfore, I believed in my brain, I was exposed to environments and activities that required strictly the use of my brain, I don't remember lifting a bucket of water ever in my life, I was not a brat, I can do the traditional girl chores, my mother was hitler on that, I did cleaning, sweeping and other relative chores but with every form of amenities available. My brain is my strength, I worked on it every day to give me the competitive edge, I have always loved winning, I deal strictly with whatever comes in the way of that.

I was under the tutelage of great scholastic minds, drilled in academics and teach with undeniable joy, my mother withdrew I and my sister sometime in our secondary days, she had us home-schooled by this team of teachers, she claimed later to have done so in order to stimulate our love for knowledge rather than the competitive ideology in the conventional classroom. I was wild in books, wild exposure and grounded believe in hard work. I wrote my WASSCE exams when I was barely fifteen and aced it. My mother being who she is -  procured forms for international exams, I was a person drunk in the diaspora dream, I have always wanted to live in the States, the few holiday visits and Tv shows weaved a spell of enchantment on me that have since childhood not wear.
Acing the SAT exams was easy-peasy, it was simply a force of delight, I was ecstatic about the idea, I scored two hundred marks higher than the needful, my team of teachers got bonuses courtesy my mother's overjoyed kindness.

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Fast forward, I got into the University Of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A, to study accounting as ordered by my mother. I was not happy with this field of study, I never considered it, I wanted something in the Sciences, I was not consulted, all arrangements were without my consent, you know how African homes were in the 90s, everyone knows what is best for you except You. My dreams of becoming an engineer died, It felt like a compromise which I was taught not to do when there is a better option. I was taught not to even drive myself into the 'compromised' box, for my moral teacher (my mother) to be the one settling me for way less than my ability was a shock, I had the ears of no one, I had to follow the mandate of the despot in my household. A later understanding, however, avers that I was made to study Accounting because of the fear of being too succesful to get a man. What you just read is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life and it sadly a statement from my mother.


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