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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

WET 10

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMAN IN PAINTINGNgozi's heart leapt, her hands trembling as she realized she was required to perform before Ade. Is bashir not taking this too far? Anger suffused her whole being and her heart beat in terror. Perform what? she wondered uneasily. Still holding her coffee cup, she awaited Bashir's instructions, praying that he'd not ask her to masturbate. If the bastard does, I'll have to expose myself as a fraud! She can't ever masturbate in front of Ade. Or can she? Her head is a mix and jumble of several emotions.

'Stand up,' Bashir ordered. Placing her cup on the table, she stood before her audience, her heart banging hard against her chest as she wondered what she'd have to do to prove to Ade that she really was hypnotized. 'Do a little dance,' Bashir laughed gleefully.
Leaping around the room, ngozi was relieved that a dance was all that was required of her. But still, what is it to men? Why must he tell Ade? Why did he have to put her in this situation. A new side to bashir is emerging and its not a very flattering one!

'That proves nothing,' ade jeered. 'You're both having me on. What do you think I am, stupid?'
'All right,' Bashir replied. 'ngozi, stand in front of us and lift your skirt up.'
Frozen to the spot, the girl wondered whether to fake an illness or something, anything to halt the humiliation. 'Go on, do it,' Bashir ordered impatiently as ade scoffed at the very idea of trigger words  and hypnosis.

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMAN IN PAINTINGThankful that she'd washed her pussy and changed her panties, she stood before her spectators and lifted her skirt, revealing the tight pink material following the contours of her swollen vaginal lips, the neat dividing groove between her warm hillocks of girl-flesh.
'There, proof enough?' Bashir asked triumphantly.
'That proves nothing,' ade returned, adamant in his disbelief, much to ngozi's horror. 'We've all seen a pair of panties before. That proves nothing.

'Bloody hell,' Bashir groaned irritably. 'What do you want, blood? Er... ngozi, keep your skirt up, and pull the front of your panties down.'
There was to be one ultimately humiliating test after another, it seemed. Her hands now visibly shaking, she knew that the time had come to end her game of deception. As she made her decision and lowered her skirt, Bashir repeated his instruction with a hint of exasperation in his voice. 'Pull your bloody skirt up and your panties down - and show Ade your pussy lips.'

The devil emerging? Or had Bashir changed? she wondered as she tentatively lifted her short skirt again. He'd always been so possessive, so jealous - but here he was, asking her to display her feminine intimacy to another man. Wondering just how far he'd go, she decided to play along, if only to discover the full depravity of the monster she now thought her boyfriend to be.

She glanced at Ade. The perv was licking his lips, waiting for her to pull her cunt open to his gaze. She did and he finally believed them. Ngozi decided to tell Adenike eveerything first thing the next day. What in the hell!

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