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Sunday, 6 May 2018

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There is an apocryphal that Abuja is the city only for the rich, it is arguable and I cannot tell you for sure, but there is ostentatious display of wealth and gunning usage of power in the relatively small northern state. It is the first state in the county i.e in Abuja; you don't talk to anybody just anyhow because you don't know who they are or who they roll with, my father long gave me that orientation before his demise.

He moved to Abuja and worked there while we stayed at Benin our hometown. He was not very educated but you won't want to call him an illiterate; real life and hardship was the education my father got. He was a hustler and every one of us in the family respected that; he was not so rich but he made sure we had the basic necessity in complementary supply.

He was the man of the house and whether he is around or not, I was very close to him because I was the first boy of the family. I have an elder sister, two other younger sister and the last born a boy. My father communicated very many core life values to me; verbally and in deeds and he made sure I got some lessons that will help me through life.

My great father died three years ago and I had to fill his very big shoes of responsibilities. The things I inherited from him was a diary filled with numbers, a gold wrist watch and an address in Abuja. He told me to promise him that my sisters will graduate from school before marrying and that my kid brother will be the doctor he is yearning to be. He handed over the materials and died in my hands, I did not mourn much because of he begged me not to.

I moved to Abuja three years ago (three months after my dad's death) - everything he gave to me were the tools I needed; the address was his rented apartment in the outskirt of the flamboyant Asokoro part of Abuja. I called the numbers as he told me to, and his friend who I called first on arrival came to see me, confirmed to me that my father had secured his own job for me here in Abuja.

I started work as a warehouse keeper in one of the big Logistics company in Abuja. I called other numbers in the diary and there was intervention by each individual on how I will go about my hustle in here. A year after, I was working in shifts, four hours as warehouse keeper and other hours as a taxi driver.

I had to learn to be a man at 22, the respect for my father grew immensely and I saluted his effort in keeping the family's body, mind and soul together! I was sending money home functionally and it was as  though my dad was still alive, my elder sister is now in her 400L in the University of Benin, my immediate younger joined her and is now in her 200L, the other is preparing for her O level exams, and I have been doing good as my mother always told me.

I enrolled part time too in a culinary school sometimes last year and I am studying to be a chef. It has been a journey smooth enough to be thankful for, until early this year when the Logistics company laid off workers to control cost of which I was a victim.
Hard times began to set in as Taxi driving cannot comfortably manage the kind of burden I have; especially due to the fact that I do not own the car. Understanding the nooks and crannies of the environment and how well taxi business pays; I decided to gather up my saving to get a car for the taxi business.

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