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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Her royal sluttyness 6

Image result for sexy image of a girl with knifeYemi

I drove down to the station in haste.. I saw the detective also driving in.. Something caught my attention, but i gave it no mind.. I rushed down to the detective's car.. "Show me the picture.."i barked.. He gave it to me and what i suspected was confirmed. Sarah is the one behind it all.. "This is Sarah, Rose's best friend! I rushed into the station.."where's rose ?! I asked the police man at the counter.. "She just left with her friend now.."

"This woman?!" I showed him the picture.."Yes.. But what.."But nothing" i screamed. "You just handed her over to the killer"..I rushed out of the station! Fuck! What caught my attention was Rose's car driving out of the station, but i paid it no mind.. Shit! Sarah is behind all this. I drove out like a mad man; i have to get her. I gave my hacker friend a desperate call.. "I need the location of the car number.." I rattled off her car plates.. "On it.. Satellite tracking will work.." "I don't give a fuck how you do it! Just find that car now!"...


"You fucking bitch!!! You ruined everything.. I had killed his wife and the daughter.. Then you went ahead to spoil everything!! I love Yemi. I'd been in love with him!!! You came home and painted the perfect image of a perfect Man for me everyday!! Tell me why i won't love him?! Tell me why i won't want him?! He's the only one capable of loving me!!! She screamed like a banshee.. While looking around madly..

The car was swerving crazily on the road and I'm scared she'd drive us both to our deaths.."but why sarah?! Why did you kill his wife?!" "Shut up!! I had to kill everyone standing in my path!!! I'd already framed you for the daughters murder.. And the wife too.. You would have been out of the picture!! It would just be I and Yemi and We'd live happily ever after!!!.. Yes! I took your car keys!! Yes!! I did it all!"

i looked at her in shock.."but he didn't even ask you out!".." I don't care!! He's mine!! I did it all to clear away any distractions that may not make him see me.. Ivy and Tiwa were blocking his view!!! Then, you too! You bitch!! You wanted to steal my Man?!" She asked in a broken whisper while tears streamed down her face.. "You wanted to steal my happiness!!! You've always been so jealous of me.." I looked at her in fear.. She was spewing utter nonsense.. It's like her mind broke.. She was driving like a blind person.. "Please, calm down sarah.. We will resolve this.. Yemi is all yours now.."

"Don't deceive me!!!..We will die together today!! If I can't have him! You won't too!! Nobody will!! I hate you!! You crazy bitch.. You stole my mind.. We were almost together!!!" She cried.. She screamed and looked forward.. A bus hit us squarely and the last thing i thought of was how Yemi will never know I'm innocent...

I found the car almost bent into two.. I parked and rushed down to it.. The emergency unit had already brought the both of them out of the car.. Sarah died and Rose is in a Coma.. I felt pain hit me..

Tiwa became better and confirmed that Sarah came earlier to her school to give her a drink..
The DNA result of the hair test matched Sarah perfectly..

Rose was pronounced brain dead and euthanasia was recommended.. But i refused her parents and brought her home where i bought all the equipments money can buy to keep her alive.. I and Tiwa prayed everyday for her survival.. We watched her die slowly before our eyes.. She became cold and ghostly white.. Her muscles wasted away..

After 5 years.. I decided to give up. She was all but dead.. I'm dead in my soul anyway.. The obsession of a woman i barely knew stole the love of 2 women entirely from me.. When she wakes up, she'd have years of physical therapy and have to learn how to do everything again..


Everybody was present for it. The moment the plug was to be pulled, I saw a twitch. "Wait!!! " i screamed.. I looked intently.. And saw a twitch again.. Her eyelids fluttered.."Yemi..." She said..And she brought me to my knees..

I am restored.

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