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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

sexy janitor ends

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF COUPLES PAINTINGShe stood and got close to me.. her cologne was soothing and it made my dick hard as rock. She kissed me deeply and the messages coming from the kisses were clear, she needs me like baby needs milk. she had no panties on; and my hand under her skirt helped me know that.

I journeyed through her thighs, I felt the rivulets and straight; I went to the origin, it was like veal, very fleshy and succulent, she knows what she wants, as my hands reached in, she confessed she will prefer my tongue. she sat in front of me like a laptop pushing everything off the table, spread open her legs and I saw the yummy meal, it was like breaking bread.

She dragged my head to the meal since I was wasting too much time in admiration, and I ate deep like my life depended on it, her way of moaning kept up my insane need for her. Finally, i get to fuck this pussy! she was sure nobody is coming, and her tiny voice went several decibels, she told me thank you too often and I don't know the reason behind that.
Her pussy was widely exposed to my prick-and so was her asshole. The blunted tip of my throbbingly erect cock push against the tightly held ring of her cunt. The pussy tightened up, fuck, its been long she got fucked! Her cunt tight damn!

But im not going away. I kept a steady pressure against the pink ring of vulva and I kneaded her buttocks in an attempt to get her to loosen up. I whispered dirty nothings into her ears and I felt some more wetness rush down.. She coated my dick..

Please," she moaned.. She sobbed openly in joy, her fingers gripping the edges of the table. I sank deep into her body.
Finally, her cunt gave up entirely..."Shit you make me feel like I just fucked into a vise, and then the vise was tossed into a furnace. Tight and hot, that's the way I like to feel 'em around my cock."  I moaned.

 I shoved in another couple of inches, and my balls wetly slapped against her pussy lips. I started fucking her then with a slow, powerful motion that built up her desires and fanned the hell out of mine. Fuck.

I began to thrust hard and my cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt with every forward thrust. I tore at her tender inner flesh until I thought I ripped her into bloody shreds. I looked down at where her pussy swallowed my dick and grew harder at the sight of her frothy wetness, shit.

I began to lose the edge of my sanity and fucked her with Short, quick movements.. I kissed her deeply and squeezed her breasts.. Her pussy tightened around me and this made me cum so fucking hard.


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