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Saturday, 12 May 2018


Hi Zoza 
I have been a loyal disciple of your wonderful platform for years, I have followed since its nascent formation and I am more than happy with what it had become, I have a lengthy autobiography of myself and the one time I experienced true love, I hope it makes it to the headline of your next blog post, I am positive it will as it is a love story distinctly different from what you have seen, read or feel, I beg for a minute of your time to follow this litany of events, critically consider it and decide if it is worth sharing. This I am about to share might even entertain you.

My name is Mobolaji Eunice Bakare, most readers of this piece may know me as Mobo, the very good Nigerian female artiste that just could not break through the Nigerian music industry. Many wonder why I have been in my shell for a while now, I think this piece will answer every looming questions. My life has been private, it is my making, an intentional act, so, I can enjoy life the way I have always wanted to, there are many sides to me, one will know that which I show to them. This piece will give you an insight into my life, my love life, and events that filled it over the years. I find it significant to share on this platform since it is one which we share a tremendous level of intimacy. I have read endlessly, I have seen how we shoulder each other's burden, learn from life stories shared and charge our inner-man, it made my story qualify to be here for the benefit of those stuck in phase of their life or those who are yet to experience anything, it is ok to be prepared at least psychologically. 


I have been a fighter all my life, I got everything and became what I am today as a result of hard work, my sweats and accomplishments are my evidence; time, chance and authorities had no option than to give me due credit. I have been the best of myself all my life, I am not humble to say it. A staunch believer in the 'Cause and Effect' concept, my family rooted me in the belief, my mother will tell me frankly from a very young age "the destiny everyone talk about; YOU ARE IT" - She never makes excuses, she won't have it that you settle when you can become the best of yourself, she pushed I and my sister to the very extreme, even if we failed; it had to be that our very best was what failed. Even as my sister is a victim of a condition Cerebral Palsy caused by Rhesus incompatibility of our parent; my mother never let her settle, the condition became a strength, my mother leave you no choice than to succeed, my sister and I had a very disciplined upbringing even as we were of an affluent descent. My father was hardly ever around, he worked with the government as an engineer, his only presence in the house was the abundant provision of amenities he made available. We scarcely saw him growing up.

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