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Sunday, 13 May 2018



I enrolled for masters without wasting time, my mother served it hot, I mastered in finance, did well as expected at the Oxford University, the United Kingdom, I chose from long list of companies that invited, I had my eyes on companies in New York, you need not guess why I wanted to experience the finance adventure in NY, I joined a company still on the rise, I wanted every sense of relevance and respect I can get.

A year of working in the company, I discovered the presence of the racial factor again, it has proved to be a cancerous disease, so much that it had beclouded the reasoning of the alleged "majority" bracket, they will choose kin over competence. The nepotism and brazen bigotry gave me a wokeness, the wokeness of 'Home' - the white folks and America will not allow me to outshine their own; even as I drain myself working on daily basis. In my professional attributes, I am an optimistic, spontaneous and highly resourceful, I squander myself trying to move the company forward but for some reason, it is not entertained by the company, they act like it is not what the company needs till you see it to be the company's next line of action without due reference to you, they simply want a robotic black account personnel which I cannot be, as blacks, we are not wanted at the helm of affairs, we are in that sphere not adequate. It was complex that is consequential on my growth and development.

 As a person who have ventured in lot of endeavors for the bid of place and rank; I was accustumed to everyone getting what is duly theirs but the working atmosphere was saying otherwise, I didn't understand why an average white simply have to show interest to get benefits but I as what they have tagged me to have to extraordinary to get the same benefits, being white open doors continually while blacks are tied to proving beyond every reasonable OF THE WHITES,  the anti-tyranny venom ASID had poured inside of me would not let me have it, I could not just live with it, especially when it is believed to be an unsolvable norm, you know too many books and speaking plenty oyinbo make you overly sentisitive. I simply wanted to see a PERSON, a well-functioning life entity without having to group me in a bracket and treat me as they please, I was too big to be bossed around if their hate won't stop, they do not deserve me, thus, I decided to go back to Nigeria.

Black folks simply share my plight but were not ready to join my wagon. Compared to the floundering quality of life in Africa; corporate America is a sane clime, they will rather lick the butts of the Whites, endure their excesses and squeeze wealth than go to Africa to serve even with the government, it is too much for them. They won't allow anything ruffle their comfortable slavery in the states.  Their level of tolerance will drop your jaw, their determination to thrive in the face of constant and repeated mistreatment is outstanding.

All these coupled with my mother's nag about coming home to get a man made the country of my dream irritate me, I wanted to just go, fortunately, I did not feel like I was making a mistake - at least not in that moment. My mother went haywire about marriage for me, I was yet to discover why the events that unfold on returning to Nigeria helped me discover, it was not pretty at first but I won't change a thing. Nigeria changed my lot.

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