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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

WET 10.5

Image result for sexy image of sex paintingAde

i've always admired ngozi's body from away, almost subconsciously, but damn, she's fucking hot. Catching a glimpse of her pussy was the best thing to ever happen to me this year. Her cunt is beautiful and it made my mouth water for a taste.

I left their apartment with a hardon tenting my shorts but I promised myself to be back tomorrow. Who would have thought that high and mighty Ngozi will ever be this vulnerable. Thoughts of how he could use her saturated his mind. I dont give a fuck about bashir. damn. Bashir is one lucky motherfucker.

Although skeptic about the hypnotism initially, he quickly belived when the 'proud' ngozi bared her cunt to his gaze. The ngozi he knows so well will never do that in her right senses. She's a moral compass and plenty of times, bashir has complained to him abut how sexually repressed she is, how she refuses to even perform oral sex on him and all that. Now, she has a trigger word.

Ade palmed his bare cock and rubbed it hard, the slideshow of ngozi's pussy running through his mind fitfully. Fuck it! he screamed as he spewed his cum everywhere, thoughts of ngozi hounding him. I must have her!

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