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Monday, 21 May 2018


A lady started visiting four days ago, a dark, slim, coke-body lady, she is about 6''1 in height and relatively beautiful. Segun was extra happy to see her, he screamed her name from the balcony, "Temiloluwa!" - he sounded so romantic, I was almost convinced that the lady was the special one, the lady, on the other hand, dropped her bag in euphoria, jumped to hug Segun, she seem genuinely happy, her smile as bright as the sun, reminds me of my favorite daughter Tolu. Segun dragged me out of my delusion when he registered his signature aggressive breast squeezing, I was not disappointed. It took shorter than longer to hear the sexual noise, this new girl is indeed a noise maker, her voice was as loud as Tina Turner, I turned to check if my nanny heard the noise, she didn't, frozen in the poorly produced movie, laughing hysterically at their whack dialogues - she was totally unperturbed. Temiloluwa tormented me with her noise
"yes yes yes, right there, don't stop" were few among the words I could hear clearly, my impaired ears had no choice. I think some other things have been added to sex in this age, women in my days were silent moaners, something like a burning stove, we did the noise making.
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Temiloluwa left at dusk, I overheard him trying to convince her to stay, they talked so loudly like I was some breathing corpse, they are unaware the amount of info they carelessly blowing out.

Temiloluwa coming became a regularity, the following day, she came earlier, at about 9am when I was just settling in for my balcony viewing, they could not wait to get in, he carried her like a child, kissed her as he bounced her ass against his crotch! Weirdos! The noise torment came early and she left again at dusk.

Yesterday blew my mind, This two children of the devil had sex in the car, there were in the car blasting the stereo playing some fast beat music with a peculiar dance, she was trying to teach Segun, the dance has funny moves but it is quite interesting, she called it Shaku Shaku, that the last I checked meant "remains" - it is not a good word to describe anything, I wonder why an interesting dance could be named after it. She danced continuously till Segun could catch up with the dance and together, they choreographed it, I was happy to see that Mr Segun to was doing something other than sex till the two miscreants turned the dance into some erotic affair, Temiloluwa launched the erotic moves, pressing her ass seductively against his crotch, Segun not knowing what to do - simply pressed back! The move became intense, even my own old, wrinkled and weak penis began to act funny, they began to kiss, opened the back seat of the car, continued in the kissing, Temi already was without pant, both of them on getting in the car, an instant bouncy movement launched from the car. That could mean only one thing - Sex (in broad daylight and in front of a watching old man). I find it unfair and immoral but they don't care, lull from the playing stereo will let you know how loud the girl is with feigned noises. The left at dusk on this day too.

My granddaughter from Tolu (everyone call her Lolu) was said to be arriving from the U.K, seeing all I saw with Segun, I vowed to make sure she stays far away from the Magodo abode, at least somewhere I won't have to see her been a prey to the likes of ignoramus like Segun. I do not have a clear picture of Lolu, I saw her last as a child the last time I visited, She is twenty-two now, growing fast, she pestered her mother that she wants to come and see me, after long; Tolu agreed which is why she is got to the next plane to Nigeria.

I was asleep when my grand-daughter came in, I woke early in the morning today, got cleaned by my useless nanny and I looked forward, I was sitting as usual in my wheelchair in the living room being fed pap and milk. I ate a lot of it since it is probably going to be my only meal of the day. Lolu came through and knelt in front of me, it was first blurring as I raised my eyes to behold her...

I saw my granddaughter and I almost died, I coughed severely, everyone wondered why, my body shook hard and I had goosebumps all over me, it was TemiLOLUwa from the past three days. I was taken away as commanded by my daughter to get cleaned as I have puked all over myself, the young girl had the most pretentious face and it is killing me. The miscreant I have been watching for the past three days is my own blood?

I cannot take it, I am getting rush from this event, it unfathomable, I am running nuts, I don't have the ears of my family, none of them have the patience to listen to my shaky, weak and tiring talks. Oh! what old age has done to me! Trying to tell them will either end in bickering arguments or taken frivolously as they will take it that I am hallucinating or just blame something on old age. I can only reach Tolu her mother on the grant of my last daughter. I don't want Segun to continue body hitting my daughter, I cannot have it! SOMEBODY HELP ME.

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