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Saturday, 12 May 2018


The Mobola's Gospel

The civilized breeze of the United State of America hit my skin, it was almost strange, a long thirteen hours straight flight and yet another to Detroit. In the company of mother, it was an upbeat chatty one, she talked so loudly and laughed as sarcastic as she can, co-passengers could deduce we were Nigerians and the not so educated type, the brunt of being a mother's child. Her fearless approach to communication catches the attention of the seemingly "too civil" Americans, it was like most of the things I saw on Tv were lies, the Americans were much into themselves that they don't talk to just anyone, my mother's engaging communication came in handy in the quest, it saved time and helped us with getting our way quick enough. Although with an unbaked English command and pseudo-American accent; she was able to attract needful attention. 

From my earlier assertions, you may have surmised that my mother is a topnotch educated woman; you thought wrong! I am not sorry to have you led you, you don't expect me to downplay my sweet mother just like that. You may tag my mother an illiterate if your judgment is by how much certifications she has obtained from various schools. I refuse to regard her as an illiterate, she has every education aside the somewhat overrated white collar education. I mean the woman was beautiful and wise enough to hold down one of the country's best engineer and govt asset, she birth and groomed a renowned accountant and enviable computer engineer, she is a queen in her own empire, a mogul in the Textile business, Iya Bola is one of the biggest Textile dealer in the famous Lagos market with various branches, she is an employer of graduates and a creme in the society, what other certification do you want? To have become all these is no small feat! Let me just brag about her, she might read this piece.

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