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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mothers Day!

Image result for images of heart paintingTo all the women in this world, listen to me. 
God choose you girls in this life you see. 
The day that you came into this fine place. 
God blessed you with such unspeakable grace. 
Beginning young at first, watching her standing by. 
The woman in your life who you never saw cry. 
You learned it then as those times pushed you through. 
Made in the image of God, so perfect and true. 

The strength it takes to live for your child. 
Things you always give up but never lack in style. 
You raised us up with only the best of care. 
As children we grew up knowing Mother was always there. 
You taught us love in all your perfect ways. 
The kindest heart never changing your days. 
Mom’s you give so much that only you understand. 
Dad’s your great too but mom, your the man! 

When times got tuff and money was tight. 
You did what it took, you always fought that fight. 
Never backing down and always lending your ear. 
Always afraid from your child just what you might hear. 
We knew whatever it was you would love us the same. 
A proud strong woman, never showed an ounce of shame. 
Wanting to kill us at times though just a thought. 
Kids go back and forth with our mothers we fought. 

Mothers Day we remember this woman so true. 
Nothing will ever replace the love your child has for you! 
We as children never forget the struggles we had. 
Wanting to be so good but we were always so bad. 
Nothing we did could ever change your heart deep inside. 
No matter how bad we did, you always showed us pride. 

You gave us life and every ounce of your time. 
All the worries in life were always on your mind. 
We pushed through the storms and we made huge success. 
When most of the time we were a complete mess. 
Mom’s you were always there no matter what we would do. 
As your child in this world I could never be mad at you. 
On this fine day that we devote to your name. 
Every single mother out there, go rejoice in your fame! 

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