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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

sexy janitor 7

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF COUPLES PAINTINGSince I met Bridget at her work place, I have not since then seen her physically; the old cargo will not let me come near her house or her work place for reasons I do not know.
Each time we talk on phone and I brought the matter up, she waved it off by promising to send money which she does anyway. Aside money though, I want fuck this woman. I want to add it to my resume that I have been there and done that!
My turn on levitated when I got to know she is also from Edo, I  haven't gotten an Edo pussy in a long time, and the fact that this woman stood naked in front of my eyes is making me wanna get naked with her.
The traditional daily routine of scrolling through her pictures every day is fueling my already blazing urge. Ever since I met her, sex with other ladies have become tedious work, I get irritated quickly simply because I got my dick somewhere else, this woman have got to get a tip of me. I have peeled my cock in the course of masturbating over her picture, this aggro is matching my last nerves.

There is a reason for her reluctance over our meeting I figured; I made my findings through my very good friend, and my biggest suspicion alas is true, she is married and to a very big political juggernaut. It was not hard to tell though, her discreet lifestyle gives credence, very high profiled but coded.

The devil in me jumped in joy over sharing the same pussy with the minister of the Federal capital territory! I mean, there has to be reason why his beloved wife was at Mannie and Lannie, and so sex starved to the extent of paying over Two Million Naira to be fucked by a male prostitute!

She definitely doesn't need some love making and tune miming love making; she glaringly craved for a sweaty, butt naked, hips flying and very adventurous banging. She is married to those men with too much policy which does not work with the bed fundamentals, the woman defined what she wants precisely by being at Mannie and Lannie! All of these were my thoughts throughout work.

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