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Sunday, 13 May 2018

im insane

Image result for images of woman in shadowsi feel my lifeforce drain,
im in so much pain,
i never did anything to gain,
im never alive, im insane,
i walk with unimaginable fail,
my heart is stone, its sail,
its withered, seriously frail,
cant keep up, hard as nail,
i walk up to the box, i got a mail,
a mail full of a pail of pain,
Image result for images of woman in shadowsmaking me writhe, im hit with a cane,
struck me deep, utter disdain,
im trying to seek, im alone on my lane,
i dont need you, or even my insane,
i look up, i see my tattered mane,
blowing in the breeze, tattered remain,
ugly and empty, worse than a plain jane,
i lost my colour, its all but wane,
yet i rise from the ashes, only to crumble again.

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