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Monday, 7 May 2018

sexy janitor 6

Image result for sexy painting of a manShe was looking a little petrified at the fierce look on my face and curved hard dick. I agreed and asked her to make it fast. I laid myself on the bed facing the ceiling. Its a mirrored one; and I could see through the mirror what was scary about me.
I saw my veins looking like they are going to explode, my broad chest, the very complete six packs are angry and needs to unleash it on something! I waited for minutes too long for her and I was getting pissed, the horniness is now disastrous, my dick was hard standing without any support whatsoever.

 I went to knock the bathroom door and she said she is sorry, "for what?" I asked in a very low aggressive manner, "My period just came" she declared!! NO way! something has to be done, "I don't mind" I said trying to contest. She kept the door locked, I lost my cool and start to bang on it, It was like I was on drugs or was I? she sounded very petrified,
"I don't make love when I am on my period, besides; my stomach is aching badly" - she was trying to reach an agreement with me, "Fuck No! we need to fuck!!" I answered her. I continually banged on the door..what the fuck?! I need to fuck something now! Fuck. I felt near bursting.

Amidst the dilemma, the security came in after hearing our not-sexual noise, they tamed me and opened the door for the naked woman. My strength rejuvenated and I struggled against the men holding me with might and vigor that i cannot even explain. I need to just pounce on this woman and get this load out of me! I need to fuck her now. Feel her pussy fisting the fucking shit out of the dick. It's going to ram the fuck outta her!

I struggled harder and they called for back up. I couldn't reach her anyway because it was me against six men. I was furious and it appears everyone understands why, and no one was blaming me for it. Something jabbed into my bulging arms and I blacked out almost immediately.

I woke around noon the following morning in front of the company I worked for as a janitor. Dressed in my overall uniform, I struggled to remember all that happened prior.. I was sure I went to a guesthouse and I was offered a job! I checked my phone and the 800k increase was smiling at me, that confirmed some facts to me.

 It was a paradox for me and few scene from the Odyssey flashed like vision in my eyes, my tongue was sore which reminded me that I drank a lot of scotch! I nursed the torment for the whole day, all that came to me was just making the already puzzled situation hard, nothing was definite so I had no clear explanation about last night; something was sure though, there will be taxi driving today.

I got a text message from my company in the evening informing me where I will be working in tonight, Saba Nyaki auditing firm, very popular and because of the car I own, I was given to go and clean up the place.
I set out at night to maitama estate, and more flashes were coming to me as the place looks very familiar, though I cant really place it. The routes and street lights looked like they were talking and trying to communicate something to me.

I drove through to the location of the firm, got my tools and strolled in, I was expected so I got very friendly approach from the security, I bought them kilishi too as a good street oriented boy! The firm was on the 7th floor of  the 10 storey building. I used the elevator, getting to the seventh floor, I wasted no time at all, I got hold of my earphone and jammed my songs as I work which was my tradition right from time.

I was cleaning the offices and their tools, mopping happily in the rythm of the reggae music I was listening to and when carried away; I sing aloud. Two hours passed and I was almost done, when I noticed the lights were on in one of the offices. I went there to see what was happening and I saw somebody virtually glued to a laptop; a woman.

She was using earpiece too and so couldn't hear as I said hello, then I walked close to her. On seeing me, she almost ran out of her clothes, palpably scared and yelled at me, "what the hell are you doing here?" she asked scornfully.

"I am the janitor for tonight here" i answered without delay. She calmed down a bit and drank some water. She faced me back and studied me attentively. She looked like she knows me before, her face lit and my flashes began to come again but this time very definitive.
She dragged me out of the duress and told me where she knows me from; "you were the guy from last night at M&L" - it immediately began to make sense to me. She apologized to me for the ugly occurrence, she got me talking and we franchised a little.

She asked if I was still horny from what I was given last night, and I politely said no, we talked the rest of the night and she said she will like to make up for the lost night. My face lit up, not for the joy of sex; but for the financial attachment attached to this.

She gave me her private number and pleaded that I call her on the weekend. She was done with work and I offered her a ride to her home. She agreed and called her driver not to bother, 4:46am and we drove through the city of Abuja to her house in Maitama. I genuinely want to hit her pussy now and not from any inducement. I want to actually fuvk her, she is old; almost old enough to be my mom but she is still fuckable and beautiful. I cannot wait for the weekend.

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