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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Her royal sluttyness 3

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1 week earlier
I entered his office with my heart in my throat.. I tried to look confident, but im sure my nervousness is obvious. I looked into his eyes and he looked back at me placidly- the way he looks at every other student. I vowed to change that. "Please sit," he said with a tired smile.
"Are you married sir?!" I looked at him in shock and covered my mouth with my hands.. "I'm sorry sir.. I didn't.."
"Don't worry," he said with a deep laugh.. I felt severely embarrassed."I'm married, yes." He chuckled. He looked at me speculatively.." Why did you ask?" "Nothing sir, i was just curious"..

"Are you married?" He asked.. I answered negatively and  then he asked me some few personal questions and we started chatting.. We totally forgot about the interview and what not.. He told me all about his wife, family, daughter and all.. Time passed us by.. I was in heaven. I'm having a Yemigarsm.. He's totally hot. His voice is awesome! We discussed alot of things.."wow! I didn't know time has passed this long!"he said. I looked down at my watch and realized we've been talking for 30minutes..

"I'm coming, let me go and dismiss the others on the queue"..he stood up and went outside. I turned my head and admired his ass. I had to restrain myself from grabbing the ass when he passed by me.. I felt blessed to witness it this up close. He returned to his sit and then conducted the interview.. We chatted some more then i left.. With a heavy heart at the fact that he's already married.
I got home late and sarah was totally on my case. "Why are you late today rose? You've got me so bothered! and you know someone just dumped me.. You left me alone since morning" She lamented. I scoffed in my mind..

Really? I'm sure its because she needs dinner that's why she's bothered. You might ask why I'm best friends with such a shallow, selfish person; but she's just too fragile. She can come apart any time. I just have to take care of her.. "Don't worry, I'd go and cook dinner now.." I said with a sigh..

"Yipee! I'm so hungry.. Thank you!" She said with a huge smile.. What a manipulative bitch. I cooked for us and while eating, i told her all about Yemi and his marriage.. She screamed in shock and lamented about how all the good Men are already taken.. We laughed and went to bed.

I was chosen to be part of the team and I felt very happy.. Infact, i was to work directly with Yemi and be his lab assistant. I felt joy whip through me.. I just wished he wasn't married. I'd have been complete. I rushed down to his office and knocked.. "Enter" he said from within.

I entered and truly perused the office.. the last time i was here, i was too nervous to do anything. The office is almost plain and just pictures of his wife and daughter were hung on the wall.. It was painted brown and filled with shelves and shelves of books; the office is quite large and looks like a library..

 I'd always been fascinated by books.. I made a mental note to go check them out.."Good afternoon sir", im your assistant.." He looked up from the books on his table.."yes, i specifically chose you. You have what i need..Feel free and relax while I finish up what I'm doing.." "Ok sir, don't rush on my account.." I said.. He continued and i wandered over to the shelves.. I saw books on different topics; all academic..

Then i turned a corner and at the back of a row shelves, i saw some books separated from others. I peeked my head back and saw that he's still engrossed with what he's doing. I stood on tiptoes and picked the first. It was plain black. I opened it to the middle and was shocked by what I saw.. The image depicted on the page was seriously erotic.. A woman tied up and being spanked while a Man made love to her. I froze in shock.. I flipped through the pages and realized that it's not a book, but an album. The pictures were high definition and the sexuality literally jumped out of the pages. The book is seriously perverse and when i was done, i returned it and picked another. I was totally engrossed with the albums and forgot about yemi. The pictures made my knees weak..

This is exactly what i want in my life.. A man in charge and giving me what i need.. I dropped the album and picked another one.. This one showed the sexual changed emotions in real time details.. The photographer is seriously talented.. He captured the images perfectly; and they tell a story.. I could feel myself getting wet from my imagination/the pictures.. I leaned against the shelf and flicked my nipples with my my thumb.. They were very hard.. I moaned low and slipped and finger through my panties.. I imagined it's yemis fingers and i fucked myself with it..


I looked up from my work expecting to see the lady but she was nowhere to be found. I wondered where she wandered off to. Maybe she's between the row of books. I stood up to check and walked towards the back rows.. What i saw left me rooted in shock.. I felt blood surge up my dick and I was powerless against the deep lust that overtook my senses. She was in the position i loved the most.. On her knees.. My album was spread in front of her and her eyes were closed.. My hands itched for my camera to take her picture. She looked stunning. She's a very beautiful woman.. She wore a short free skirt and it has ridden up her thigh.. Her hands were working furiously under it and I know she fingering herself.. I wondered at the depth of emotion that affected her to the extent that she's masturbating in her professors' office. Her lips looked like petals to welcome my cock.

She didn't even notice my presence. Fuck. I wish she was my Ivy. I'd have given her the roughest fuck of her life.. Fuck. She's meant to be consumed. She's in the perfect position to be handled.. I walked up to her and she opened her eyes. They bulged in shock and embarrassment. She hastily stood up and i heard the sound of her fingers exiting her pussy with a pop.. I crowded her.."what are you doing?.. I said hoarsely.. My trousers were totally tight. Fuck.

I felt excitement run through me.. After the initial embarrassment of being caught. His dick tented his trousers.. It was very very obvious.... He's not indifferent. That's all I need to know.. "What do you think.." I said back.. "I was on my knees.. Plunging my fingers in my wet pussy, wishing it was you".. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked it.."Delicious.. Hmm".. I saw his eyes turn black with lust. I have to act now.. I don't care about the wife. I grabbed his dick in my hands and moaned.. "Fuck.. You're so big and hard.." I dropped to my knees.."let me swallow you.." I ran my teeth over the outline of his dick.. I looked up into his eyes and could feel his self control crumble.

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