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Thursday, 10 May 2018

my heart 3

Image result for sexy image of flamesYou must be either this or that.
But no one cares if am "a-this-ah?", "ah-bar-ba?" or even "that-ah?".
They never really gave a fvck and they would start giving free fvcks tomorrow.
Each man to his boat, i guess all i did was row!, row!, row!.
i ne'er planned to be born onto the "island of misunderstood" ... Was there a mutiny or was i marooned.

The marooned 5 maybe? one for each of my split personas, did i eat the apple?
The marooned 5 and adam! what a musical group that would be!!
It's sad enough, that am sad 'bout all stuff.
Sad enough to the extent that i feel the sand s beneath my feet ain't enough.
Sad enough that i may seem all tough.
Sad enough that sometimes i choke, and stil don't cough.
Most of all it's sad enough... that i've never really felt love.

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