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Monday, 30 April 2018


Image result for sexy image of a woman in black'Get dressed now, and I'll fuck your ass for you later,' he laughed, zipping up his jeans. Confused, ngozi climbed to her feet and retrieved her clothes. Cupping her firm breasts in her red lace bra, she decided to pretend that the trigger word didn't work any more. And to announce the end of her relationship with the man she'd thought she'd known so well. 

Holding back her tears as she finished dressing, she followed her boyfriend's orders and sat in the armchair as he retook his position on the sofa. She cant believe what just happened.
Image result for sexy image of a woman in blackWondering how he'd bring her out of her hypnotic state, she breathed a sigh of relief as he clicked his fingers and ordered her to wake up. Naive bastard, she thought as she looked around the room, trying not to catch his eyes. Bloody bastard.

'Coffee, love?' he asked softly, rising to his feet.
'Er... yes, OK,' she half smiled, her tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as he left the room. His salty sperm lingering on her tongue, she had to admit that she'd enjoyed him coming in her mouth. er cunt spasmed at the thought of the crude sex act she just performed in her faux hypnotic state.

Oral sex was nice, it brought a certain closeness, she mused. But his words, his cold, loveless words had destroyed something. The way he'd used her to satisfy his debased craving for perverted sex had taken away the love she'd thought they'd shared.

As he brought the coffee in and placed her cup on the table, she began to think that she'd been too harsh. He is a man, after all, she thought, smiling up at him. What normal man wouldn't take advantage of such a situation? But his cruel words of lust still pained her. Did he want her for the woman she was - or only her body?

Am I trying to justify his actions? She mused.

'So, what have you been up to all week?' she asked, picturing him lying in their bed masturbating while she'd been away.
'Working at the office every day,' he replied, sipping his coffee. 'And I've spent most evenings with Ade, working on his bloody project. It's still nowhere near finished. 

Ade is Bashir's best friend and theyve both been working on one of Ade's work construction projects before she left. She is surprised they are still at it.

'God, he's not coming round this evening, is he?' ngozi asked agitatedly as the doorbell rang, wondering what the young man would think if he discovered the hot, girl-wet cucumber beneath the couch - the evidence of Bashir's debased inner self.

'He did say he'd call round, yes. But he won't stay for long, so don't worry.'
Jumping up, he left the room to answer the door - and ngozi to ponder on her wicked game. She was in two minds now. I'd be completely innocent, she concluded, wondering what other debased fantasies he'd live out whilst she was supposedly hypnotized.

'Go into the lounge and I'll bring you a coffee,' Bashir said, opening the door.
'Ah, ngozi,' Ade greeted her. 'How are you?'
'I'm fine. More to the point, how are you?' she laughed as he sat on the sofa, the phallic fruit only inches from his feet.

Feeling a wetness between her legs, ngozi made her excuses and left the room to cleanse her drenched pussy. Her thoughts still swaying between Bashir's alien words, his uncharacteristic behaviour, and her incredible sexual arousal, she decided not to come to any conclusions until she'd enjoyed another session of wanton sex with him - and discovered what else lay hidden in the murky depths of his subconscious. Shame to spoil the game now, she mused as she closed and locked the bathroom door, again wondering whether he wanted her for the woman she was - or craved only her pussy.
'It's a shame ngozi wasted all that money on the course,' Ade remarked as Bashir sat beside him.
'It wasn't wasted.' Bashir's lips furled into a grin. 'She can't hypnotize people, but the course instructor has planted a trigger word in her subconscious - and I know the word!' he chuckled.

'A trigger word? What do you mean?' ade asked, his eyes frowning.
'A word that sends her into a hypnotic state. When I say the word she'll do anything I ask - and remember nothing about it afterwards.'
'That's crap! You're having me on!'
'No, I'm not. I'll prove it to you when she comes back.'
'Trigger word, my foot!' ade mocked.
'Shush! Here she comes.'

'EXPLICIT,' Bashir articulated loudly and clearly.
Ngozi's heart skipped as she realized what was happening. Bashir just 'hypnotized' her in front of his friend!

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