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Tuesday, 17 January 2017



I left her apartment with a gaping hole in my heart.. The satisfaction I expected to feel was non existent. I feel just empty.. I looked deep into me and found nothing to hold on to...nothing... I started feeling so bad when I remembered her face.. So shattered and broken.. Filled with tears..

"Fuck, smith?! You going all soft on me right?" I thought.. But i couldn't forget her face.. And the way she felt in my arms.. So perfect and beautiful.. Withdrawing from her is the most painful thing I've ever done in my life. She is so perfect, and I'd never felt more complete than I did these last few weeks.. I love everything about her.. Her sharp wit and intelligent conversations.. She's been like a best friend to me and i just threw all that away with my actions. I briefly considered driving back to her place; but phone pinged and I got an sms about the position for a new CFO, and my heart sank.. This just became shittier.


I walked briskly into the building with my spine straight. I have to pick up the pieces of my life, shattered all around me.. I'm sure he expects to catch me all sad and cowered. That's not going to happen. I entered my office and glanced at his office across from mine. He is not around.. I sighed in relief. I collapsed on my chair and quickly put together a slide share presentation for my CEO's emergency meeting. I went to her office and discussed extensively with her about the requirements to be the CFO.. She put me through it all and told me that Smith and I will be paired on a project.. The person with the best output will be given the Job. I sniffed hard in indignation.." This means we have to work together and still compete?" I asked.. "Yes my dear," She replied..

Shit, my mood hit rock bottom.
I got back to my office and felt his presence.. I decided to take the bulls by the horn and went to face him with what we've been given.. Avoiding him; which was my initial plan is not possible anymore. I knocked on his and he came to open the door for me... I stared at him in shock; he looks like hell warmed over.. Bags under his eyes, hair rough and face haggard.

My initial instinct was to run into his arms and ask what's wrong, but i cautioned myself and went straight to the point. He offered me a sit, and we began to discuss. I left his office after 2 hours of strategies.


As I drove home from work, i thought about resigning because I can't just bear seeing him everyday. After that day after, he's back to his normal assholey self and even worse.. His digs at me has become personal, and im now ready than ever to win the job over him. The thought of being his senior gives me joy and is the only thing keeping me warm at night. Infact, his wicked behaviour is the only thing burning the fire in my heart.. I'd have resigned.

Try as much as I may, i still love him.. I catch myself playing our memories on a loop in my head.. I totally withdrew to myself and even zoned my mother out. Im obsessed about getting the job. That's the only thing that's not making me go mad. I see him everyday at work and we have to work together in close quarters to achieve the aim of the job.
The only thing that changed about him is his whoring ways.. He totally alienated himself from his drone of office admirers and gave the work his 101℅. Whenever i think of his ideas and what he's planned, i begin to panic.. He's very intelligent and I'm very scared of losing to him..

The competition is a very fierce one and i feel myself being pushed past my limits.

I see her everyday and its driving me crazy.. Her lush body and genius ideas. She's become totally indifferent to me.. It's like i never even existed again. I resumed my acts of frustrating her, but she's just cold. Nothing i do ever affects her.. She became a shadow of whom I knew.. Just giving all her efforts and time to the work. I curse the work that's making me being this near to her without being able to touch her. I didn't know what to do again. Anytime i try to bring up our matter, she'd just shut down.. I began to get scared. What have I done? I've created a work zombie. I realized how much my actions cost her and infact, she doesn't deserve what I did... I think I love her..

I know what to do though.. I'm going to make amends.. In the meantime, the competition is getting fiercer.


The day for the presentation came, and i feel so sick to my heart at the thought of smith winning. I wanted to die at the thought. This job is the only thing not making me fall apart.. But "he deserves it too, i thought.. His ideas are epic. I wondered what'll happen. We are supposed to submit the slide share presentations to the general secretary the day before, and it will be presented by a neutral person to remove bias.

I sat down and felt so nervous.. This is all I've worked for in the last 2 months..
The presentation began and i was shocked to my marrow.. My ideas and his were seamlessly blended together.. Who did this? I wondered. His ideas perfectly complimented mine on the screen. It was magnificent. I searched for him in the boardroom and our eyes met.. He gave me a sad smile..

In that split second, i realized what he'd done.. He stole my slide shares and worked his ideas totally into it.. It must have taken all night to do that!! The gesture brought tears to my eyes.. His slide shares were never presented..

Smith stood up from among the board room members and said..
"Samantha.. " I looked up in shock.
"I'm sorry for hurting you, and for everything I did.. I love you very much, and im willing to be punished for my wrongs.. Please forgive me..
Everyone looked on in shock. I was shocked.
"I've tendered my resignation letter, and I'm yours for ever".. He walked towards me..
I just started crying.. He engulfed me in a big hug and ushered me out of the room, admist the claps and catcalls of our colleagues.

I love you, and i hope you'd forgive me.. He explained why he did it and told me I deserved to be the CFO.. With my sheer intelligence..
I got the job and Smith resigned.. To start his own webtech company..
I'm forgiving him little by little, and he's healing the damage he caused.❤

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