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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


One leg in d east.. the other in the west, directly facing your equator, bluntly staring in its face...
It opens up, am bout to exchange kisses wit both of ur labias... hoping to swim in its pool with heavenly rhythmic pace...
Its a no grass zone, a perfect haircut giving it a yummy face.
It calls with poise and grace.

So much sass, increasing my urge to thread the needle.
Your eyes shut in anticipation, only the spirits see what i'n about to do.

Your Toes curl, leading to a proportional increase in warmth and moist.
No flag can fly at half mast with you, my soldiers got mine fully on hoist.

My Tongue does a 360 on your clit, Your moan is up a notch... music to my ears in a rhythm ever so pulsating.
My hands begin an adventure, searching for the spot with a G on it.
"Keep it down baby" i whisper, in a bid to keep u tame.

Your reply ever so invigorating, "Amma let the neighbors know ur name".
I find that G, and i play them softly like strings.
Sensual music, ur back up... giving that marvin gaye feeling.
A few more strokes, my rhythm upped... like am in a poker room card dealing.

"Amma bout to cum" the words escape from your lips and u aren't even aware.
I chuckle deep within me, i say welcome to the land whose existence you seem not to have been made aware.

Like target practice, you hit my face with all of your juice.
A beautiful fountain, there you lay, hyperventilating with sounds like a track produced by juls.
You smile shyly towards me, ur legs still trembling.
I smile to myself, seemingly saying "WehDoneSir"

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