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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

TRUE COLORS (Part three) flawed


Part three

I don't care about the location

I looked down at myself, and saw the pee running rivulets down my thighs.. I was shocked. Something epic happened. As i felt the hotness of urine, down my legs, my brain clicked and all the memories assaulted me like a sucker punch.
I fell to my knees and doubled over- the pain was such that it was almost physical. I was raped. Forced sex. Without my permission. Leke did it. Last night (if it was last night); ran in my brain like a slideshow. I can totally remember everything now.. The only thing i needed to see was his face.

I looked up at him and saw the least expression i expected- Remorse.
"You bastard!!!" I screamed. His expression gave me the strength i needed! I ran to him- naked and started banging his chest... "You bastard! You got me drunk...and took advantage of me" i sobbed. I hated the way my voice quivered with tears and the fact that i still can't help the shiver of attraction crawling up my spine...

"Im so sorry tito, but you were so Delicious. Ripe. Ready for plucking. And you were plucked" he said with a satisfied voice and he's still looking remorseful.
" i hate you so much"
"The hate is only for a moment dear, come, lets go bathe stink of urine" he said. I felt so incredulous at his indifference. I can't believe this!
I didn't know where the strength came from. I ran back into the room, threw myself at the mirror, and it broke into pieces.. It was like slow motion.. I bent down, picked a shard of glass and ran towards him like a mad woman. (Frankly, i should have done this earlier, i was busy crying like a wimp). The backbone i knew i had kicked into action.

I will commit murder today i thought to myself. I must mark him today. I will drive this glass into his black heart.  I got to him and tried kicking him... My flimsy plan was to kick his balls and while he's bent over, stab him repeatedly.. That was the image playing in my head.. I forgot he was still alive... guess what he did? He just gave me a blow; i never expected it and i sprawled on the ground hitting my head on the edge of the bed... The last thing i remember was the sound of his dark laughter....


The life of a bestie/hater isn't easy at all.. Sometimes i love tito, sometimes i hate her.. But make no mistakes. The love outweighs the hate.. I just have a weird way of showing it.
My favorite pastime is imagining snapping her neck- they look so fragile and swan like. Another thing- I hate her grace..and the way she keeps dragging me everywhere.. She's so vulnerable and ignorant.
I want leke to break her for me. When she's totally broken, I'd pick up her pieces and make my move. Im not letting her go- ever. She's my obsession.


I came to, with a groan.... I don't want to leave!! My body is gently held by strong-feeling arms and i feel so safe and secure; i never want to escape this.. Hands slowly caressing my back and i just feel rested.. The arms clutched me tighter and i feel so secure... I sighed and snuggled closer... Drifted back to sleep...

My head feels like a drum festival is going on inside of it... The shaft of sunlight penetrating my eyes is totally killing me.. "Who left the windows open" i thought? I hovered at the edge of consciousness and wondered what happened. The right part of my body is aching with so much pain. It was the part of my body that i hit against the mirror.. I remembered with shame how useless that was. I ran my hands through my scalp and found a bump that feels as large as a Robin's egg at a point above my nape. I groaned in pain.. I hope i don't end up dying of concussion- with the nasty way I'm hitting my head frequently.

I sat up with a jerk when i realized what happened while i was sleeping! I wasn't alone!  I looked down and saw leke smiling up at me. Damn him for looking so good!
" What did you do to me?! I flew away from the bed in a fit of rage.
" it will do you good to rest your delicate head my dear, you've had it rough" he said.
I looked at him and demanded " why have you brought me here? I'd love to leave now. Where are my clothes? What's happening? Have you gone insane?"
He sat up on the bed and looked at me; how come i never noticed the coldness of his eyes? It looks empty.

"I will answer your questions gracefully". I shivered at the sound of his voice; not in delight like before, but in fear now..
" I suggest you sit and listen to me carefully. I'm not repeating myself. You will ask for a 1 year sabbatical; effective today- under my supervision of course. You will call your parents- telling them you are travelling out and you've taken a sabbatical. Any wrong move, you'd be dead. 

I've kidnapped you and you'd be here till when I'm satisfied. I love you, and I'm taking you away from your rigorous life, you'd fall in love with me soon, you'd see. Come, lets take a tour around your new home" he said.
What?! The rambling of a mad man, is this one crazy? Is he for real?

 I've found a loophole in his plans?! He never mentioned sheila!!! " he doesn't know we are close" i thought. When sheila doesn't hear from me, she'd raise alarm; she knows i never make a move without telling her.. I feel so relieved and happy inside..

This man is delusional though... I know life here won't be fun at all. He raped me without a speck of remorse. I looked into his eyes and realized that he will kill me if he needs to..
As i followed him out of the room, i asked for my clothes. He replied " you haven't earned the right to them yet. When you behave appropriately, you'd get rewarded." I shivered with dread. " Also, you've been a bad bad girl, trying to stab your fiancee..tut tut", he shook his head "you are going to regret that."


I can see every expression on her face... She thinks there is hope? Funny. This house was built for this. A small fortress.. She's going nowhere without my permission. I have her right where i want her. I expected more of a fight though.. She seemed so strong spirited. I guess I'm wrong.
Whatever. I'm taking her on the tour of her last taste of freedom. After this, she's mine. I've applied for her sabbatical- infact, it's been approved (perks of owning a percentage of the company). A call has been placed to her parents already... She explained and calmed them infact- technology is the best..
I just told her she will do all that to foster an illusion of choice.. Hahhaha.. She's going nowhere.

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