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Thursday, 5 January 2017

THE SADDIST (part four) Flawed


     Part four


I took her around her new home... I've set alarms and set up the perimetre... She's going nowhere soon.


The house is big! A one storey house with a large compound surrounded by trees..that is the only thing i can see.. A very tall fence....Im wallowing in despair right now! He led me back into the house straight into the kitchen.

" you can resume your wifely duties now"
Is this man for real? "What is all this nonsense leke? I'd love my clothes now, and I'd love to leave now! Im fed up with this charade!"
He looked at me with glittering eyes and said "if you talk back at me, you'd be punished"
" i hate this, let me go!" I screamed... He sauntered towards me and gave me a dirty slap.
I held my cheeks and started crying.... I was shocked. What he did after shocked me more.

He hugged me and came closer, rubbing my cheeks gently... "My dear, you made me slap you, i love you very much, im obsessed about you! Please," he knelt down, "be a good woman, a virtuous one and I'd take care of you; i hate hitting you, but i will do so when you misbehave" he said, looking at me tenderly.
" how long are you going to do this! Someone will realize im missing! How will you do this?! Won't you go to work?!" I said crying bitterly. This man has gone loco! I can't believe i actually fell for him... I can't believe i had a massive crush on him without suspecting what a sadistic bastard he his, i feel decieved.

" come love, lets draw you a bath, you stink" he said. At that moment, i decided that im going to destroy him. He's a bastard and if he imagines im going to go down easy, he's got the wrong girl. I'm not a weakling to be preyed upon. Im going to leave and make him regret he ever took me.

I don't have an escape plan yet, i have no sense of direction! I'm pretty confident sheila will raise an alarm soon...

Two days later

"You fucking bitch" leke screamed. I smiled internally.. I can hardly recognize my face... Its battered. My whole body throbs in pain.. This is my fault though. I went against him at every turn. Today, i over salted the food. I don't know what the bastard thinks! Does he expect me to bow to his will like a loser?! Not happening. Even if i die, I'd not go down easy.

He stood up angrily and upturned the table. All his precious china fell and broke. He loosened his belt and started beating me. I didnt take it all like a pro like i planned.. I was crying in pain. "What did i do to deserve this? This is so nonsensical. I have to escape! From this demon!"

"You will kneel on this glass my love. You made me break them! Im obsessed about you. Why did you make me do this"? He said, tears running down his face. "I hate beating you, but you know you deserve it right?" He looked maniacal... I stood up and ran away from him. Me? Kneel on glass?! Why?! I picked race. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in.

"Unlock the door tito"! He thundered.
"Your punishment is going to get worse!!! I took a leave of absence, im going nowhere! I just want to spend time with you... Why won't you let me spend time with you...? Please come out my love" He continued rambling like a maniac... I sobbed and wondered at how mad this guy is.. How come people never noticed? His voice turned low and soft..." Please open up"..

He'd come to our company and look dapper.. All manly and sexy and handsome.. I can't believe he has a crazy mind.. He holds intelligent conversations well enough i thought. I hate this guy. He's a maximum pretender, he hides his madness well. I wondered how dirty is mind is.

He broke down the door and entered the bathroom.. I started screaming.. He bent, dragged my hands and pulled me up forcibly from where i was huddled. I resisted, but I'm no match for his strenght. He dragged me towards the dining room and pushed me down on the shards of glass, he made me lay on my back... I felt the glass digging into; and destroying my back... I'm still naked... He then pulled out his very erect dick and forcibly entered me.

 I screamed through the rape, it was the most agonizing thing that ever happened to me in my life. I was being raped on glass pieces..i wished i was dead... I could feel the skin of my back tear... I looked down and saw blood all over the floor... I continued screaming till my voice became hoarse...

I was almost subconscious when i felt my self being carried back to the bed... " i love you, my baby".. He gently placed me on my stomach and rubbed something on my back... A balm maybe.. He did it tenderly and gently.. "I love you my dear, I'd protect you with all my life... He said. I wanted to die.

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