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Monday, 9 January 2017


It's the way you play me daily, like that kendrick's Overly Dedicated tape.
That has got me stuck on you, goofy posters in a heart's shape.
Each year i make resolutions, resolving to lock my doors and stay safe.

Yet you do what you always do, you snuck in through the window ajar... like an experienced thief cracking open a wack safe.
You lead and i follow meekly, cue in the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep.
When i think of you, the seconds count like they sipped some lean, these eye bags you gave me are my luggage only... if i ain't  hearing from you, i lose sleep.

Like a football team, they're others, you made me the captain... but when you are out with my teammates it hurts lik a 6inch nail through my skull.
Many for one and one for all.
You Play us like strings on the G-note.
It's Cold out here... "Jack from titanic trying to float".

I'm worth better, but still i want you as my alpha.
Watch me do anything for you, chant poems in a pitched tone like an "alfa".
Use Degea-esque reflexes to bring to reality bruno's song "grenade".
The king's are now slaves, there's a new puppet master in town.
Kitara mode, blood bend me to your will... chin up and knees down.
I hate what you do to me, unconventionally, i love how it feels.

I'll rather crawl to you and kiss your ring, than take to my heels.
I would run a marathon to get to you, and go a cross-country to please you.
Yet you'd shut me out, in a dingy room with my emotions till all i feel is black in its every hue.
All i really need an assurance that i'm the one of the lot.
Because at this stage i can't look back, don't want to end up like the wife of lot.
Yes I've come out plain, empty and with all my stains.
I've got you and you know this.
I just hope to come to your notice.