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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

THE ABDUCTION (part one) Flawed

                                                         PART ONE

  Unknown Location

I wake up groggy and tethering on the edge of consciousness without having any idea where i am. Breathing is hard and i could feel sweat running down my armpit- what a weird thing to notice of all the things going on right now. I can't move my arms, my feet, and i couldn't raise my head. It's like I'm trapped in a coffin- coffin! Oh my God! The spirit of panic engulfed me and i started screaming, but the sound is muffled.

"What's happening to me?!" I thought. Am i dead?! But i feel alive!!! I tested the bonds tying my hands at the wrist- it didn't budge. I feel odd. I stink of sweat and my throat is itchy. My ears are buzzing and i just realised my feet's are firmly tied also- i tried moving them.

It took me like 2 seconds to take all the above facts in- i think. I started panicking!! I've always been a panicky person. Jesus. I wanted to die. I hate tight and hot conditions. What was funny that i never noticed that my eyes were blindfolded. But i know now, and my panic meter has reached the hundreds.

My head is totally clear now but i have no idea about what's happening. "Think Tito! Think!"
but still i ran a blank. Since I've concluded I'm not dead yet- my hands are itching so hard, my legs are numb, the slide of sweat running between my breasts, the aching in all the joints of my body, the pain of being bound for some time- i know then that something is severely wrong. But for the life of me i can't remember.

Have i been given rohypnol? The date rape drug? Was it some other thing? Was it an injection? Was i smashed on the head?!- Yes! I think i was smashed on the head and now I have amnesia!!!! OK, amnesia test. I run a list through my head. What's my name?- Bolatito, My Age-27 years, state of origin- Lagos state (Epe lGA to be precise), am i a student?- No, Where i live- Suru... That thought was broken because, whatever i was in jolted and i hit my head hard against something and I blacked out.. My last thought was that i don't have amnesia- i remember everything about me except that night. 

Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

I feel happy finally having her in my arms.. I gently lifted her from my car trunk and proceeded to carry her into my house. I live alone in my modest one storey house- i don't have to answer suspicious pokenosers about the odd looking thing in my arms..

I navigated the sidewalk and climbed onto the foyer. I flipped her over my shoulders- i wanted to open the door. She didn't even flinch. I guess she's out cold. I felt a sadistic shiver crawl up my spine.

She perfectly molded onto my shoulders and I feel complete inside. I tied a black piece of cloth around her eyes and rough twine was used to tie her wrists and ankles... She was already developing a bruise around them- i guess she tried to snap them. I have a devious grin on my face.. She's going nowhere- not anytime soon. I stepped into the house and the motion sensors detected my movement and every light in the living room came on. I slid her down into my arms and looked down at the bundle of joy in my arms that I'm never letting go. Ever.


"What a rough night i had" i said to myself.. Too much drinks at the party. I sank deeper into the comfort of the bed, it is soo soft and comfy. I drifted on a haze of comfort and I wondered at the bad dream i had.. I hazily remembered being tied up and blindfolded.."that's what too much booze does, tito, bad bad dreams will abound" i said to myself... This duvet feels divine against my skin.. I turn- and my hands ran up my body and i realised one crazy fact- I'm naked! I never sleep naked. I came to- with a killer of all mother of headaches- and all the thoughts started rushing back into my brain. I'm not in my bed, and I'm naked! It was like a bucket of ice was dumped on me. I sat up quickly and two things hit me at once- i feel like puking my guts out and the room is painted yellow! I hate the color yellow. I ran out of the bed-literally, and looked wildly like a mad woman.

Where am I? The so called dream wasn't a dream! It really happened. I looked at my hands and saw the faint marks of bruises on my wrists. I hurriedly searched for my clothes and took in the room in one dizzying turn- it is painted yellow, and not really large. It has a set of wardrobes on a wall and a wall of mirrors on the other. I could see my shocked reflection staring back at me.

It has a faded brown rug and the roof was painted white. What was odd was that it just had a teeny little window near the roof. I don't know if that tiny thing is qualified to be a window. Aside that, it has no other windows. A huge black door was stationed on the other side of the room. I ran towards it and tried the handle but predictably- it was locked.

I banged on the door.. Over and over... Until my knuckles were scraped raw- no replies. I did all this naked. I couldn't find any clothes in the room. The wardrobes didn't open and the mirrors were just there. I started crying, i was so confused. I left the door dejected and went to sit on the bed and sat on the bed.. I look and smell a mess. I stink of sweat and my skin itches from it. I feel grimy and i need a good long soak.

What is happening? I wondered. Who did this to me? I don't deserve this, I'm just an ordinary girl with a boring routine life.. There was nothing interesting about me. I cried and cried... The most interesting thing i did this year was to attend the office party- i finally remembered. This was where i could have been abducted, that's the last place i was. Was it yesterday night? I don't even know sef! The party was hosted at a high class event center at Ikoyi. i didn't want to go! But my best friend/coworker convinced me to attend. I had a night planned out with my buttered popcorn and surfing Instagram. I didn't need this in my life.

A sudden thought popped into my mind- was I the victim of ritualists? But how did they carry me away from there? I'm dead!!! My tears started afresh. I've heard horror stories of kidnapped girls and how their bodies or what was left of their body was found days later- mutilated and pieced. Oh my God, i sobbed. My parents, they will be so sad at my death., I'm their only daughter and my mother has been lamenting the fact that I'm not married yet at my age. But i don't like any man. Only one. Yes, Mr leke, the one that has been starring in my dreams recently, the one that i met at....

My thought was interrupted by a growl of hunger- my tummy was protesting oh and my bladder was desperately full. I am in a crazy dilemma. I need to pee! I can't ignore that part of my body anymore.. I feel so much pressure on my bladder and it felt like its gonna pop at anytime.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and stood up from the bed. I tried pulling the duvet around me as a wrapper, but it didn't budge. I bent and checked why.. The duvet was sewn to the bed and it isn't detachable. I ran naked to the door and banged on it, pain ran up my hands and straight into my skull. Jeez! I studied my hands.. They were all mottled and red.

I stamped my feet on the ground and ground my teeth in frustration! I need to pee and i need to now! I totally don't care about my nude state for now after all, it was someone who stripped me; and as such, must have seen me naked. I can't imagine even banging my hand on the door. The pain of it is totally excruciating. My hands fell limply by my side and i wandered back into the room; searching for a container i can pee in.

As I turned my back to the door, i heard the sound of locks clicking and i swivelled back at the door. I looked around wildy for a type of weapon to use against the assailant. I can't believe i didn't think of weapons before! In fact, I'm totally disappointed in me. Instead of planning a strategy, i was busy crying and lamenting; now i have no plans!

"What if they are ready to cut me" i thought.. I looked wildly around and saw nothing i could use. The room was totally bare. I saw myself in the mirror looking wild and rabid with mascara streaming down my eyes and foundation in splotches all over my face. In an amusing situation, id have laughed; i look like the poster child for a deranged junkie. i felt adrenaline pump into me and my heart beat faster- i won't go down easily i thought; i wished i attended the self defence classes i registered for last year. It's like my heart wanted to burst out of my chest.

The door finally swung open; a part of my mind wondered absently if it took 20years to open a door. Since. A pair of feet came inside,it was like slow motion; next came long legs encased in black jeans, a flat stomach and broad chest wrapped in a white wife beater, manly strong looking arms that looks like it could strangle me easily, a long strong looking neck and lo and behold. The face. That face. My bladder released itself and i watched helplessly.

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