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Thursday, 5 January 2017

FEELINGS (part eight) flawed

He finally told me the location: Ikoyi

I was shocked to realize that we are inside lagos. I thought we'd be somewhere like timbuktu... It seemed like only I and leke existed in the whole world.. I've never seen anyboy else since the night of the party.. I finally gave up on sheila finding me. I know she must have tried her possible best.

Adeleke planned for this thoroughly: The house is stocked full with never ending groceries.. all fresh perishables are stored in the freezer.. He has a wine cellar with a killer collection... I thought of my parents.. And how much I miss them.. " sweet leke" allows me call them like once in a week and reassure them im fine. I know the consequence of trying to ask for help from them.. It's a fruitless endeavor anyway. I thought that after some weeks, he'd relax and I'd leave the house. No such thing happened..

It's like "sweet leke" has come to stay.. He's a great cook who treats me like a queen. Every morning, we go to the gym underground and work out together. Its a fun part of my day because while he's helping me lift the weights, we end up having hot, sweaty sex.

We'd go on walks in the compound and have a picnic at the backyard.. We'd watch the sunset together with me wrapped around his arms. It was not hard for me to cope because i was never an outgoing person. Infact, it's like we are on an extended honey moon.. The appearance of "wicked leke" almost diminished totally... After beating and waxing my back that fateful day, it was like he was in a trance. He dropped the candle suddenly and looked shocked. I was busy groaning in pain..

He carried me in his arms and started crying " i don't know why i did this!" Im sorry!! It isn't me!!" He kept on lamenting.. He looked so full of pain and broken. Tears were running down his cheeks and he was begging me. At that moment, i understood him. He didn't want to hit me but "wicked leke" was forcing him to do it. I know i sound mad, like im excusing his behavior, but the truth is; I understand him and I'm trying to make wicked leke die.

This evening after eating, he gave me a surprising news. He told me he trusted me and wanted to take me ot of the compound to celebrate our 6 months anniversary. I felt so happy knowing im going out to the world soon. "Tito, you need to start planning your escape" I told myself, but i felt like im betraying leke. " why am i feeling torn!? Im supposed to plot my escape!!!".. But, i didn't want to go. I've seen a side of life no one ever bothered to share with me.. "This man tortured and raped you girl! Why don't you want to go?!" I realized then that I'm content right where i am. Cradled in lekes' arms.. I kissed his cheeks, snuggled deeper into his embrace and murmured.. "I'd love to be your date..and i wont ever leave you for any reason. You can trust me...".

I felt the tension in his shoulders ebb away and he said " my queen, I will leave you alone for about 2 hours tomorrow. I need to get into town to plan our date".. I knew then that tomorrow will be a test to see if i would try to escape..He can arrange for anything without leaving the house; like he did for the past 6 months.. He's a multimillionaire naa... If i tried to escape, im sure wicked leke will flay me.. I kept my cool and replied "I'd be here waiting, my love" i said and kissed him on his lips... The kiss got deeper and i started getting hot and bothered.. He gently laid me down on the rug and proceeded to devour me.

While i moaned, i realized I got a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome... 


Private Investigators Office, Ilupeju

I've ran out of patience. So, leke will not release My Tito anymore right?! After six whole months?! I thought he was joking when he said "forever". Well that's not going to happen
I fumed. I strolled out of the PI's office feeling less angry due to the news i just got.

Finally!! Adeleke was spotted in town today. And frankly, i don't care why he came. This means that he can be tailed back to where he kept my tito. Bastard. I gave him my property and he doesn't want to return her right?! Over my dead body.. I entered my car and drove down to the address given to me: It was a restaurant.. Good. I'm going to keep this place under surveillance. It's possible he returns here, i thought to myself.. I drove off and sent the address to a thug of mine. He knows what to do.


I feel complete. How? I don't know... I have this vivid colorful dreams of spending time with Bolatito. I never want them to end. I wish i can touch her and love her.. In the dream, she smiles at me so prettily like I'm the centre of her world. I want to worship her and keep her by my side forever. She is the complete puzzle of me. I guess im stupid for feeling this intense about someone who doesn't know i exist.

My priority now is to find her and make her mine. Simple.


Leke came back to the house looking so handsome. I was asleep when he left this morning. God, he's gorgeous., it's like im seeing him for the first time in my life.. His scent shot into my blood like whiskey and i ran into his arms.. Literally.. He laughed deeply and caught me easily.. He kissed me on my forehead and whispered "i love you" with sincerity shining in his eyes and i replied " i love you more". And I've never meant those 4 words more.

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