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Thursday, 5 January 2017

CONFUSION (part five) Flawed


I still don't know my location- He wont tell

I hate my life right now... What a painful one. Its a life of torture. It's like im halfway dead. I cant even cope emotionally. He shows me half love and half hate. He's both tender and wicked. I've earned the right to wear panties at least. Phew. This emotional roller coaster is destroying me.. I think i might be going mad... Moments when he shows me love and treasure's me, i feel soo grateful and indebted. I think i might be a teeny tiny bit in love with him.... " what?!" Am i mad?! I pinched myself.

"Come, my pet, let's relax by the pool" leke said
I followed him without an hint of resistance.. You might be suprised, but i think he has broken me. I can't even keep track of how long ive been here. I can't believe no one is looking for me.. I looked at his huge sexy back, down to his tight ass hugging the boxer short he's wearing..  A lick of appreciation crawled up my spine.. I wish he's not this hot, i thought." I wished he had ugly face and a protruding belly!

My body is a crisscross of abuse- faded scars from him hitting me with belts, fucking me on awful surfaces and hitting me. He takes care of me afterwards though... He'd cradle me gently in his arms and wash my wounds... He'd lament and cry and ask me why im making him do all this... I actually believe he loves me. He's obsessed with me. I never leave his sight.. I cant pee withouth his permission- that's how bad it is. If he even suspects mutiny from me, he'd begin to hit me.

The rapes had stopped anyway. After the time i was raped on the glass, he vowed never to do so again- except i angered him( can you imagine?what's the use of the vow?), and he makes tender sweet love to me.. I wonder when all this will end.. I love the moments we have sex though, it has become the highlight of my existence. It's the only time I feel good and happy. He has my body wrapped around his fingers, he plays my body like a tune and im completely at his mercy... I feel wetness coating my pussy at he thought of his touches... Sensual, hot.. Satisfying. I hate what this bastard makes me feel. He's damn good..

I lied on the pool seat and lounged like a queen.. I was in a trance, tying to recapture the feeling of leke fucking me hard. Im like a junkie vying for a fix. I forgot him sef.. I just needed the feeling; it's the only joy i get. As i was drifting off, thinking leke woud let me rest, I felt myself suddenly jerked up and thrown into the icy depths of cold water... I sputtered and tried to breathe! Im going to drown! Is this how he plans to kill me?! Im dead!!! What's happening? Im so panicky and i CANT SWIM! 

I felt hands grab me and i broke the surface of the water.... Phew! I clung to leke and felt so grateful he saved me- Never mind the fact that hes the one who threw me in the water..
"Shhh, my love, I've saved you"... We were both floating now... He gently rubbed my back while i slowly calmed down... "Gently my dove, gently"... He said... He bent his head and kissed me sofly.. He's lips are so soft... He tasted like mint and chocolate... I melted ito his embrace and hugged him tighter. My nipples were soo hard and i was getting so aroused.. He started rubbing my back and gently squeezed my nipples... I leaned harder into his touch.

He fingers slowly crept down my belly and rubbed my clit.. I moaned like a mad woman! Yes! This is what i want you bastard!! He deftly placed my legs around his waist and sank into me. He gave me exactly what i needed... I climaxed and the spot.. He continued thusting into me like a maniac,..he sped up and i exploded again... He pulled out of me, and slammed me against the edge of the pool, then he thrust into me from behind....


Lagos Island.

I paced around my room in anger... I can't believe its been 2 months I've seen both bolatito and leke. I miss my tito like hell.. I don't even know lekes' house! And his office won't release the information. I need to see tito!!

Or has he killed her?! I need to get her back... She's mine.

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