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Monday, 9 January 2017

Trigger 1

I just relocated to a 2 storey flat,  and i lived upstairs.. I've always loved heights- no matter how.... i love heights on a man; but up and down..(wink).

I moved away from my former apartment due to some shit that happened- I'm saying nothing now, maybe I'd tell you all about it later. Well, introductions.. Im ella, a very petite thick woman. Im dark, about 5'2 and i love chocolates- i guess that's were the thickness originated. I'm absolutely jealous of tall girls.. All that long legs(sigh). The only thing i have that's long is my eyelashes.

Well, im a self acclaimed nymphomaniac.. I love fucking- literally. I'm a siren.. Men look into my eyes and fall for me, I've been told that i have bewitching eyes. Truth be told, i think so too because whenever i look into the mirror, i fall for me.

I went to the front door and unlocked it, im going out this night.. To crash at any bar. My pussy clenched at the thought of fvcking someone tonight..

At the bar, i met a lot of men who bought me drinks but, i found non to my taste. Contrary to your opinion of me, i don't just sleep around. I like having a steady man and having lots of sex with him. Im beginning to get intensely bored. I want someone. I know that once i look into his eyes, he is all mine.

I stood up and strolled up to the bar, softly shaking my thick ass; let them drool! lemme go and check out what's up with the bar. I got there and grabbed a stool. The bar man came to my front and asked for my order. My head whipped up and the sound of his voice. I've never heard a voice so delicious- husky and if it were a drink; it would slide down my throat like soft whiskey..

My eyes met a stunning pair of weird eyes. I'd never seen anything like it before on a black man. It shook me down to my core. My pussy started creaming- instant effect. Even in the low light, his eyes were glittering. I stared at him like a dummy. As if used to the kind of effect he exudes, his lips quirked up in a spine tingling smile. He is absolutely stunning.

His right eyes are brown, dark brown like mocha coffee.. The other eyes are black... If i could use the word 'deep black'.. Flecked with grey. I felt like his eyes were boring down to my soul and seeing all my deep dark secrets. They were framed with thick sooty lashes, he has an aquiline nose slightly crooked- maybe broken once or twice. It didn't detract from his overall sexiness, in fact it added to it. His lips were like slashes on his face- cruel and sexy looking.

"Id, take your order now; once you done staring at me.' He said with a cocky smile. Damn him! He's fine and he knows it!
I snapped back to reality and stuttered 'um, hello, give me OJ with dash of tequila. Thanks'
He turned back and slid my drink towards me. He's fast! I sipped at him and stared at him working. I'm not leaving here tonight. Im ready to sit the rest of my life here. Thank you!!

I spied the curve of a tattoo crawling around the back of his neck and it ended at the lower part of his cheek. I wondered how the rest of the tattoo looked like. I imagined a dragon or a snake... It is the tail of something sha.. I noticed for the first time; the number of women sitting at the bar.. And staring at him...whispering and pointing among themselves..

I just smiled and continued drinking. Im sleeping here tonight.


She's so different. Although she tried to hide her discomfort, i sensed it.. I have that effect on people. My eyes are crazy looking and infact, bad. I need glasses to read and do a lot of other things.

I vaguely noted she had the poutiest set of lips and pretty eyes. I can't really make out features in the dark. I forgot to bring my contact lens along- i rushed down when segun called me to say he had an emergency, so i had to fill in for him. And i hate wearing glasses.

Well, she isn't my type anyway- i prefer them slimmer and taller. That is, if im in the mood to fuck a woman which is rare. I prefer men. She's so petite.. - but she got my curiosity piqued.

After about 4hours, orders were winding down and i could take a breather.. I was wiping down the bar table and i was pleasantly surprised to realize she's still waiting. She's so focused on her phone with her brows furrowed in concentration-the light from it reflected on her face; giving her this ethereal look.

I wished i wore my contacts; what a wrong night to forget it. I want to study her... I have a feeling that she'd be perfect for what i need. Im in no danger of falling for her.


I was playing candy crush (i love the game, its another reality for me).
I felt an intense stare boring into me. I looked up and saw him staring at me. I love his overall appeal. He's not the sexiest man i ever saw, but he's hot.

'What's your name? I'm silver'
'Im ella, i absolutely love your eyes, they are fabulous'
He smiled. 'Thank you., so, how are you doing'?

We began to talk and i realized we had a lot in common. I was confident that ive scored him tonight. My pussy is presently blessing me.. 'Well done mah! It screamed.
We talked about a lot of things and when he left the bar around 3am, he offered to drop me at home. I jumped at the opportunity. I'm gonna ride tonight!
He gently held my arms and led me to the car park... I didn't know what i was expecting, but it definitely was not this - a low slung jaguar, looking sleek and ready. I looked at him questionably and he only replied with a smile... I wondered how a bartender could afford tht kind of car. I waved the concern away and entered the car- he opened the door for me.

He also entered and the car purred to life when he keyed the ignition.. He smoothly drove off and I gave him directions to my house- which is just about 10 minutes away. He parked in front and walked me down to the door.
'You want a night cap?' I offered.
' No' he declined. I was shocked. Nobody ever rejects me. He smiled at me gently and kissed on my cheek. 'Good night, my dear'. Lets keep in touch' he murmured. His kiss got me dripping.. I almost went on my knees to beg him, but i didn't want o look desperate.

"Ok, good night' i replied with a heavy sigh. No fucking tonight sha.. I pussy started lamenting.. "Bad, bad, bad, girl..' I waved him off.

I saw her enter her room looking very disappointed. Someone is going to bed very frustrated. I removed the binoculars and sat on my bed. I cam see her well enough without it, but i can see her better with it..

 I've been eyeing this thick woman for days. I can't wait to get my hands on her.. I just moved in next door and she gave me an instant erection the first time I saw her... My cock rose to full mast.. I sat on my bed. I imagined bending her over on my living room table and fucking the blasted hell out of hell.. I'd slowly slide my dick up her hole and blast her full of cum. I'm making my move tomorrow.
The next morning, i saw leave her apartment through my windows, and i rushed dowm the stairs, I went to meet her to introduce myself.
'Good morning, hii,
'Oh, good morning'  she replied
' Im daniel and i just moved in to this house' I pointed at my house.
'Oh.., nice to meet you, im ella'
' i hope We'd get to be good friends..
"I hope so too, i just moved in recently too, and i don't have any friends"she replied
"Would you like to come in for drinks?
"I'd take a rain check on that, Daniel... Im sorry i have an appointment. But I'd take you up on that some other time. Infact, i have to go now.." She looked at her wrist watch and rushed off.
"I got my eyes on you... I thought... And i went back inside. I'm an artist and i have a very busy work life. I do replica's/designs for multinationals but im freelance, so i don't have to go to any office, i can work from anywhere, so far I do the job.


2 weeks earlier

'Silver! Shey eti e di ni?'
I grumbled and went back inside. I hate it when my mom nags.. " sit here my boy. I have decided to take charge of your life'
I looked at her in shock?! Wdf? Did she just say that?
"You are 34years old!! I need you to get married. Life is not just about all the bars and clubs you own! You need a wife to complete you and I've got just the girl. My friend eyiwumni has an unmarried daughter; she resides in the U.K. but will come home for Christmas. She's a very pretty girl annn....

"Stop it mom?! What do you mean by all this? Did i tell you im ready to get married?! I love my life just the way it is and i need no complications. Thank you."
" I will disown you silver! What nonsense! If your father was alive, do you think all this will be happening?" Her voice softened.." My dear, i only want the best for you.. I wish you had a fiance.. You've never even introduced any woman to me before? What's wrong" her eyes began to water..
Damn her! I hate seeing her sad or crying.. It's the only weapon she has against my defenses aand she knows how to use it well."mom,i hugged her " nothing is wrong, i just want to get myself in perspective before i marry, that's why.."

'What perspective? You own dozens of businesses and you are the only heir to your Fathers fortune. What other perspective do you need..?" She started crying.. 'I feel so bad and shattered inside.. How will I tell her im gay? I don't like women, not to talk of marrying the.. I consoled her while she launched into her favorite talk "if your father was alive, im sure you wont be hurting me this way,.."

"Well, i need to tell you this; i can't keep it up for much longer.. I have brain tumor.."
I was shocked ' what? How?' I stuttered.
"I didn't opt for treatment, that's why you didn't know..."but why mom?!
"It's a painful, tiring process.. And intact, the tumour is in a very sensitive place and almost inoperable...Soon, I'd lose my memory and its terminal.
"What mom?! Why didn't you tell me!" I screamed in pain and hugged her harder..
"I want to see you get married before i die, that's my last wish."

I had no choice but to do just that- but on my terms.

I wondered about her. She going to be perfect for what I have it mind. Im going to endure fucking her. Im in no danger of falling for her or anything.. She's not my usual type of woman and my mom is going to love her. Down to earth and all that. I've been looking for a candidate for weeks.. I met a lot of women, but i was so indifferent to them. I don't need them.


Phew! What a long day at work. My boss is just a fvcking bitch. Im a paralegal at at Akilo, Smith and Olusheye. I always do my boss's job for him.. And he takes the credit. I hate that fat ass so much. Mppphh!.. I trudged up the stairs and entered my apartment. I flopped on the chair and put on the A.C. The cool hit me immediately and i felt soo good.

I needed a shower and then dinner... I moved toward my room- took a towel and then took a shower. As the water beat down on me, (a cold one)....My mind wandered to the guy i met this morning... All tall and gorgeous with brown flecked black eyes- thank God its normal looking. He looked so scrumptious. I wanted to lick him, but i was late for work. Silver didn't even make it easy for me at all.. The horniness i went to sleep with is still killing me.
 I slid my fingers over my nipples and squeezed. Tingles ran up my spine.. I took the shower head and directed the it on my clit while my other hands squeezed my nipples. The sensation my me go wild. The water beating down my clit was killing me, yet i could not come. I need the touch of somebody.. Silver flashed before my eyes and i moaned.. Daniel flashed in my mind and i moaned harder.  I need the both of them! I imagined their hands squeezing my body in the right places and I came. But the feeling is empty, now, im right where i began.

I rushed out of the bathroom and padded to my room.. My windows were opened. For the first time, something caught my glance. I realized that someone from the other building can see me clearly- I'm seeing inside their room clearly too.. And i remember! Daniel said he lives upstairs in this building, but i don't know if its the wing facing my wing...
"Has someone, be peeping on me? I thought.
I got my answer a second later.

As i dropped my towel to dress in a nightie, i saw movement in the mirror.. I surreptitiously looked closer and saw that it was daniel! I didn't bother turning back- i didn't want him to know that i know he's looking at me. I picked up my night oil.. I slowly bent over totally to cream my feet.. Cold air hit my pussy.. I knew i was spread eagled like a slut and he can totally see my bent over, the thought started wetting me..I spent some time creaming my feet ten slowly stood up.. I slowly turned and without looking towards the window, i dragged a stool and sat facing the window.. I then stretched my legs open and started applying oil to my inner thigh...

My legs were totally spread, he can totally see me bare. I ran a finger slowly around the outline of me and then put a finger inside.. I was madtly wet. I then slowly finger fucked myself while arching my back... I removed my finger and then very slowly, brought it to my lips and licked it.. I looked at the window, straight into his eyes and winked.

My hardon was killing me. She totally caught me spying on her... Jesus! What a hot damn body. I left my room and entered my living room.. What to do? This totally fucked up my plans. I was still fretting when i heard the doorbell. Who could this be at this hour i wondered. I padded to the door and asked who it was " Its shade", the voice replied. I opened the door and saw her wearing a full coat, belted at the middle. I wondered what was going on. She is dressed like a nun. Totally covered from neck to toe.
" i came for the drinks you offered me this morning, or has the offer been rescinded?" She purred huskily.. " No, come in, mind my manners".. I was flustered at first but, i took control, she could on be here for one thing. My cock.

"Strip" i commanded.
She looked at me in shock. I grabbed her closer, loosened the belt of the coat and yanked the coat off her. It fell on the floor and what i saw shocked me. She is totally naked underneath.
"You fucking bitch' i growled.
I slammed my lips on hers and devored her mouth.. She hanged on to my shoulders and kissed me hard. We moaned and i carried her to the couch- while grabbing her bare ass. I sat her down on my thighs.
'You fucking slut,' i moaned.. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed. I flicked the nipples and she screamed. I ran my teeth from her neck to her breasts, dropping hickeys along the way. I placed her on the couch and stood up. I removed my jeans with the speed of light..

"You whore, im going to fuck you like you've never been before..' I turned her, bent her over on the couch and sank into her. "Hot damn, i thought, my mind blanking out..

He pulled out mid thrust.. A pair of fingers pried my pussy opened and he shoved a finger up in me..My entire body tenses as I bite down hard on the couch. A moan that doesn’t belong to me issues from deep within my throat. “Please,” I beg..
  “Please, what?” He pumps once, and I can’t take anymore. I ride those fingers like they’re the last bike home before a long weekend. The bastard pulls out and sai “Uh-uh. You wont cum that easy.   “God DAMN it!” I yell. This asshole has me worked into a frenzy...

I moaned for more.. Please, fuck me please... "Beg for it bitch, you fucking whore.. Ride my fingers.. Isn't that what you came here for?" I actually got wetter..."oh, baby, you like being called a cunt right? He moaned... He slid into me...

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