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Monday, 16 January 2017


I went over to his house-  he sent me the address via sms.. Why i even bothered to go, i didn't know, but all I know for sure is that im very curious, and I don't trust him one bit. He thinks to fool me right? Im very ready for him.. I don't go down easily.

I entered the lobby of his apartment complex and Im totally wowed.. I wondered how the apartment of my greatest enemy will look like. I'd gotten in touch wiith my mom before I came and I've told her everything.. She asked me to be careful and take it easy.. I purposely told that im coming here and I even sent her the address; in case something happens to me.
I rode the elevator and spied myself in its mirrors- Im dressed casually in a flowery gown and my hair perfectly coiffed. The bell dinged and i got down. I saw his door- 411, went to it and knocked. He opened it on the 2nd knock and welcomed me in. He looked so dashing in a red suit like he's going on a real date: I scoffed in my mind, but smiled outwardly. "Come in sam, you look absolutely beautiful" he said.

"Thank you, you look dashing yourself" i replied. What a fluke.. I looked at him in suspicion.. " dinner is ready, let me just get the drinks" he said. I smiled and looked around in appreciation.. His place is dazzling.. Neat and extremely spacious.. Beautiful artworks were on the wall and the place is classically designed in a manly brown with hardwood floors, teak detailing and a black carpet with ash throw rugs..

The tables were glass and the chairs are also ash color.. Wow. This is magnificent.. I didn't know why I imagined him to be a slob.. I casually moved to the dining area and my mouth watered at the tantalising aromas wafting from the covered dishes.. The dining room opened directly to the kitchen and I saw him rinsing glass cups.. I smiled in my mind and wondered what game he is playing.." How can he become nice after the last thing i did to him at work?" I thought to myself.. Well, that's his business.. I just have to be careful like my mom said.

He came into the dining room and pulled out a chair for me.. I sat down graciously and smiled.. Jeez.. I've never smiled this much in my life.. Nonsense.. He stood up and severed my food; Rice, chicken and coleslaw.. Just the way i loved it.. I felt my mind melt a bit towards him "lets see what he has to offer, I thought.

To be honest, I had a great night with him, talking about everything and everyone.. Catching up like old friends.. I never had so much fun in a long time. He's a good conversationalist and he never even hinted at anything sexual; just like a perfect gentleman.. He served dessert; Chocolate fudge sundae with a dash of hazelnuts and a plate of meringue pie.. Just the way I loved it too.. I felt my heart get warmer..

"what a good guy..Wait!! Sam!! Are you mad? Just because he served you good food, you are falling for him right?" I thought.. My internal monologue continued as he packed up the dishes, all the while smiling at him..


I never expected to enjoy her company so much, but she's enjoyable.. I love the way her eyes look animated when she's talking about something she's obsessed about- like football.. We talked about movies, music, politics, religion, and a host of others.. She looks so decently sexy.. In a free gown and modest makeup.. I've never seen this part of her; so warm, beautiful and nice.. She always looking so fierce and sharp at work.. I never knew we had anything in common..

She speaks about all topics intelligently; a trait I admire in women, and also, she eats up all her food.. She's not like most of the stick thin types i meet always watching their weight and all that.. I love a woman that enjoys her food.
Well, my plan is to embarrass her. Privately. She humiliated  me publicly and no matter how beautiful she is, I'd make her feel the sting of rejection.

4 weeks later

I don't even understand myself anymore.. I think im irrevocably in love with smith.. He's been the greatest gentleman of all time.. Telling me how much he loves me even without sex.  We've gone through all the date spots in lagos.. Something new and exciting each day. Our rivalry is now a thing of the past and our work is moving better and faster since we now agree on everything and see each other's point of view without any problem.. He speaks to me with respect and stopped all his whoring around.. I get all his attention and stolen kisses.. He's been turning me crazily on by fevered touches and  in the office and around.

I'm so ready to fuck him haaard.. But, i don't know why he's hesitant.. He keeps on telling me to be patient and that we'd do it at the right time.. I didn't even know how time flew soo fast.. I can't believe its been a month.. It's almost like things have always been this way.

Imagine having a man, both at work and always around you.. It's soo awesome.

This is working out better than I thought.. She's practically falling for me so hard. I've been a gentleman, building her arousal to the peak.. And mine too..
I thought I'd be indifferent to her, but she's breaking down all my defences.. I just hope I'd be able to go along with my plan tonight. I've broken down her walls.
Rejection is what is left.


He told me tonight is totally special.. We're going to celebrate our 1 month anniversary tonight.. I'm totally on cloud nine. I went to the spa; i got thoroughly massaged and sweetly waxed today.. I bought new lingerie for this special night. A strapless Black bustier and thong.. A soft stocking held up with garters..

I took a shower, wore the lingerie, lightly spritzed myself with perfume and applied light gloss to my lips.. I wore my red stiletto's to give myself a boost. At exactly 8pm, I heard the bell and i opened the door to Smith.. He didn't even say anything to me..

He grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep.. Trailing his hands down my body and touching me in all the right places.. He carried me to my bedroom and threw me on the bed.. He tore off my thong and went down on me like a hungry beast.. He gave me the full force of his attention.. I kept on moaning like a bitch in heat and held on to his head for my dear life.. When  i felt myself approach orgasm.. He pulled off and stopped.. I moaned in disappointment and felt like a strung up ball..

He gently removed my bustier and sucked my nipples and i felt a finger slowly penetrate me.. I cried out...
He withdrew his fingers and rubbed my cunt with his cock head.. He pushed in a teeny tiny bit and I felt his hugeness.. I feel soo full and he thrust deep.. I screamed in joy and completeness.. It's been soo long.. He withdrew and instead of plunging in deep for the 2nd stroke, he held my face tenderly, smoothing the hair from my face and said
"Payback bitch" and stood up.

I felt all the blood drain from my face.." What do you mean by that?!" I screamed! Im dying of arousal here!! "You got your payback. Now, we can resume our hatred from where we stopped". He said, stuffing his erection into his trouser.. I almost weeped.. I felt my heart broke into pieces as his words registered in my mind..
He wore his clothes and padded out of my room.. "Was all this a lie Smith?! You deceived me?! What?!" I asked.. My voice clogged with tears and I'd never been this humiliated in my life.

He just smiled wickedly and said nothing. "See you at work tomorrow, Samantha.." He always call me Sam. He left.
I fell on the floor in shame.. Tears streaming down my face.. He built my arousal to unbearable peaks and then left.. What a bastard.. I didn't know how long i sat on the floor crying.. I can't believe i fell for my greatest enemy.

My phone pinged a message alert and it read:
An emergency meeting is going to hold tomorrow..
"A new Chief Financial Officer will be elected.. Between you and Smith.. My dear, I want you to get this Job. Prepare."

This message is from my CEO.

I wiped my tears and my spine straightened. I'm going to beat you. You stinking  bastard.


  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it's really getting interesting here and I'm loving every part of the story. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I know you would.. You definitely support smith right?

    I wonder what will happen nextπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯