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Thursday, 26 January 2017


Tristan is all mine.. He does everything for me..He fell totally in love with me.. I love him so much.. I can't believe that we'd get back to this point in our lives.. He really tried for me.. And he's forgiven me. I totally regretted all my actions and thanked the lord for him everyday..

He wiped the memories of Joshua from my heart and made new and beautiful ones with me.. I introduced him to tianah and all seemed well in my life.. Tianah totally endorsed him and i feel so complete.. Surrounded by the love of the two people closest to my heart.

I came back from work, very tired and battered.. I tried inserting my key, but i realised the door was open.. I entered the house and i felt dread crawl up my spine.. I hope my world is not about to shatter, i thought..

I entered my bedroom and my bag fell from my hands in shock. Tianah and Tristan were locked in a passionate embrace and i couldn't bear the heartbreak... I fainted.. My last thought was that "how could this happen to me?..."


I called tianah over to Lily's house.. I told her it was an emergency and that she should rush over.. I planned it perfectly. In 20minutes time max, lily will be home. The bell rang and i opened it.. Tianah is a very pretty fair girl.. Beautiful eyes, pouty lips.. I felt my dick harden in anticipation.. I'm going to enjoy fucking this girl.. "Hello tri.. What's up?.. I left the door unlocked intentionality..

I held her shoulders and led her to the sofa.. "I need to tell you something very important.." While she was looking at me intently.. I grabbed her hands suddenly and tied it with a soft cloth.. She looked at me in shock.. I stood up and said.."I'm going to fuck you..and i can't take the risk that you're a good friend to lily and reject me.. So, I've tied your hands for easy access"..

She started to scream and i kissed her.. Deep and slow.. She resisted for some few moments and i pulled off her skirt.. I carried her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed.. She began to scream in anger and i laughed.. I squatted on the bed and hooked her legs around my neck..

I bit her calf gently and licked up her thighs.. Her screams started going low pitched.. And i smiled.. I pulled of her panties and buried my head between her legs.. She's clean shaven and her pussy lips were dark and full.. Just like her lips..they looked like the petals of an exotic flower.. I couldn't resist, and dug in.. She began to moan loud and begged me to release her hands.. I did and she grabbed on to my shoulders and urged me on.. I flicked her clit and she screamed.. Her juices ran into my mouth and i swallowed them deliciously..

I gave her a final lick and moved up her body.. I kissed her and she moaned her her taste.. My fingers went to her cunt and i heard the door open.. I looked back and saw lily look at us in shock.. She fell to the ground in a heavy thud and i acted fast.. I pulled out my cock and sank into tianah.. She tried to escape; so she'd go help lily, but i pushed into her.."pleeasse.. Let's help her.." She moaned.

"Im not done with you yet.." I said as i withdrew and then thrust deep into her.. She held on tight for the ride. Afterall, she can't even escape..
I gave the the fuck of her life.. Lily can die for all I care.

This will totally break her. I made her fall for me and then destroyed her all over again. Perfect.

My father came back from the US and I'd put everything in place to destroy him. I sat him and sharon down for a family meeting.. I then proceeded to play the video tapes for them.. My father looked at me dumbfounded, in shock and anger.. He couldn't believe it. High definition camera's were used and it was very clear to whomever watching that this ain't the job of photoshop. It's real. Her face showed clearly; while I angled the camera in such a way that only the back of I and my friend showed..

The videos detailed her enjoying every single dirty aspect and even begging for more. This is Hollywood material.. I felt so damn proud of me.

While sharon started crying and begging. I enjoyed their display and i can see that I've caused destabilising pain for joshua.. He screamed and ranted about the betrayal and I kept on smiling. I reminded him of what he did to me, years ago and it was like the wind blew out of his sails.. He looked at me with pain filled eyes and shame..

"Calm down Joshua"! He looked up in shock and my use of his first name."Now that I have your attention, listen to me and listen good. This documents here".. I brought out some sheaf of papers,"will be thumb printed by you". He started protesting, but i made a shushing sound. "I'm taking over everything. Your money, your estates and everything you've ever worked for. I'm not going to wait till you die. You are not even 50years old yet."

His mouth fell open in shock.. I continued " you are going to suffer, with that bitch you call a wife. There's nothing useful about her. I've destroyed every hole".. He gaped at me.." If you don't do as i ask, in 24hours, every tv station and the internet will play her sex tapes on repeat. Her reputation will be destroyed and she'd lose her job. Both of you will never be able to show your face in public again.." I pointed at him "And your ego and public status will not allow you to be known as the Cuckolded husband whose wife is a dirty whore. So, what's your decision?"

He looked at me with fear and defeat in his eyes " how am I sure you won't still release the videos after i do this?"

I grinned madtly.. "You'd just have to trust me on that.

He thumb printed on the papers and i took off with everything. I started a new life as a multimillionaire elsewhere.

The first thing I did was to sell the company to his major rivals for a huge amount of money and used it to start up my own businesses/ investments... I was never interested in it anyway..

I heard later that he and Sharon divorced.. She sued him for the last pennies i didn't blackmail from him.


I won.