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Friday, 6 January 2017

DISTURBED (Part ten) Flawed


The lie about her father worked extremely well! I'm a genius.. I can't believe the bitch didn't jump to the opportunity of escaping lekes clutches.. Has she fallen in love with him? This is bad.. She's supposed to be in love with me.. I'd teach her a bitter lesson she won't forget soon. Her father is hale and hearty; she'd find out soon enough.. But by then, she'd in in my zone.
We left the ladies room through a window and passed a back Alley out into the street. Sheila opened a nondescript car door and i entered the passenger seat.. She ran into the other side and drove off.
"How did you find me sheila?"
" I used my PI sources! I've been so worried about you.. I didn't believe that bull story about you travelling out.. You never made any plans about going anywhere, so i knew it was a fake story... I didn't even know where to look, i was so distraught but, i didn't give up hope"..
"Im glad you found me," i murmured with mixed feelings. Try as much as I may, i can't stop feeling guilty about leaving leke.
But, my father is Paramount and he's the cause of my fathers problem.. How come my parents never mentioned anything about him being sick? I spoke to them 3 days ago!
"But sheila, i called my parents 3 days ago, and nobody mentioned any sickness.. " I began to suspect something was not adding up.. What's happening? "Sheila, answer me..! I turned towards her and realized too late.. She was holding an hypodermic needle filled with a liquid.. She jabbed it into my neck and the last thing i saw was the maniacal glint in her eyes....
"I just made a huge mistake".. Was the last thought i had..

I just feel so empty! What's taking her so long? I felt dread squeeze my insides as i broke open the door to the rest room " Tito! Tito! I screamed.. Empty silence greeted me.. The room is empty!
I fell on my knees and felt great pain and anger consume me. She left!!! Leke.. How can she leave leke?! She ran away?! She escaped?!
Aderenle you caused this.. I told you we should keep her locked up.. See what you did! She left us.. She left us broken.. Im dying, I need to kill her!! I will kill her!! I told you denrele!!! I tried to pull you back!! Too much love and tenderness will kill her!!! She ran from you! You are the cause... Im going to destroy you and make sure you never see the sun! Ever again...
I clawed at the floor and started vomiting.. My personalities were choking my up.. I've always being in control of leke and denrele.. Balancing them perfectly well.. But I'm losing total control.. I never realized how much power bolatito has over me.. She's making me lose my sanity.. I hate what she's doing to me..
"We need to find her... Denrele replied. She's our better half. You can't blame me for taking care of her; you were too wicked. She hates you! You put fear in her and im her perfect foil. I know she can't leave me,  happened..
"Shut up! She left because of you. The pain made her scared!! It kept her in check... You destroyed us"
Adeleke continued screaming.. People rushed into the ladies room and saw a man screaming and tearing into himself.. Talking gibberish and looking wild. He was restrained and bundled into a bus.. Straight down to the hospital.. The doctor diagnosed Multiple personality disorder.

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