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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

REVELATION (part two) Flawed


 Part two
Last Night

I sat on the stool facing my vanity and wondered how i allowed myself become coerced into attending this party- But then, at the thought of a particular man attending, i jumped at the opportunity. I don't ever attend office parties; i hear insane gossips from those who attended about how booze was flowing like water and how someone was used by someone and raw dirty stories like that. I personally think the office parties are organized so that all the sexy interns who had been playing hard to get all year would finally be conquered that night. The not so sexy ones/ the sexy but don't care- who had already been smashed will be swapped among the men. Bleh.

I hear all the stories and i shake my head as i applied my make-up. I've been working at the Royal cooperation as an analyst for the past 4 years and I'm up in all the gossip stories; my bestie keeps me informed- who's dating who? Who got dumped etc. The company is a big multinational company and has a lot of employees hence, a lot of tryst occurs. Try as much as I may, even surrounded by so much people; Men to be precise, I'm not engaged. Make no mistakes, i get a lot of offers, but i decline; the guys in my office are just looking for someone to use and they'd brag about it after. They kiss and tell.

You might ask; what about other men outside the cooperation? I basically have zero social life outside work. My work is my life. 6am-9pm. That's it. I work on Sundays too, incase you are wondering. Why? I just love the job and I stopped getting invited to functions simply because they know i won't attend.

I finished applying my make up and i smacked my lips together. I look divine. Thick black lashes, perfectly carved brows and a pink lipstick is what i used..I'm wearing a shimmering emerald dress with a non existent back. The front has a plunging neckline and the dress is held by straps tied around my neck. I wore a tiny gold chain and a pair of emerald earrings. My hair is plaited into 4 big all backs with a wine colored attachment and i just finished perfecting the baby hair's on my edge hair. A slinky black 4'inch stiletto  wrapped my feet in their loving hugs... The gown im wearing is long and reaching my ankles... It has a daring slit showing off my right thighs.

I dressed provocative on purpose. Most of my colleagues had never seen me in nothing other than a suit. I need to make a statement tonight. Moreover, i think i don't mind a man taking me home tonight- you know what i mean.

I went to my living room and started taking selfies on snap chat. Social media is the only social life i have.After snapping, i took a black clutch, kept my phone inside and left the house. I took a taxi to the venue, and while in the car, I plotted on how to get Adeleke to notice me tonight. He his the one im eyeing and the man of my dreams. He's the younger brother of the CEO and I've been opportuned to speak with him twice. I met him for the first time in sheilas office. He talked quite intelligently and the two times we talked, he came down to my office to talk with me. This gave me hope that he probably liked me; but he never made a move. I and Sheila's office is adjacent.

 ..After snapping, i took a black clutch, kept my phone inside and left the house. I took a taxi to the venue, and while in the car, I plotted on how to get Adeleke to notice me tonight. He his the one im eyeing and the man of my dreams. He's the younger brother of the CEO and I've been opportuned to speak with him twice.

 He's got a deep voice and brown colored dreamy eyes...he sports a buzz cut; his hair is closely shaved to his head. He has slight hair on his face and has a straight nose. His lips are sensually full and they are the only thing i could focus on when he spoke to me. He works in an Architectural firm (a subdidiary of of our company) but, who cares?! We don't work in the same building and therefore he's eligible to be dated by me! He's not a co-worker! I had decided not to attend this party, but the moment my bestie Sheila told me he's gonna be there, i got excited and changed my mind... "I hope my plan goes perfectly well" i thought. I have plans to ensnare that man tonight and No- he is not married...that was the first thing i went to investigate.

He totally dwarfs me at 6"3 and makes me melt deep inside of me... He didn't make a move yet, but he will tonight, i thought happily. A tall drink of chocolate like him. that's what a girl totally needs. I briefly wondered if he and the CEO are look alikes; I've never seen him before, but I hear tales of his handsome looks too. I couldn't care less, the CEO is a colleague at the same workplace which is out of bounds for me. The CEO travels a lot and his office is in the penthouse.. Private stairs and elevators, and as such, we lowly workers has never seen him. We only hear legendary stories. He lives like a recluse i heard, and a lot of the women claim to have slept with him.. I wonder how possible that is; since we never see his face.

 I've got eyes on that man, i thought...i briefly considered all the competition, but, i wasn't bothered. I waved that thought off. I'd weave my magic.


The parade of women was starting to chaff on my temper. I don't care about all this rabbits. I've fucked a good number of them, and the one's i haven't are teeming to be used. I don't know why they keep coming back to me. Women ah- attracted to power and money. Little money-grubbers. I've got a goal tonight and im starting to get irritated at her impetuousness. Why isn't she here yet. I have to whisk her to my lair.

I smiled at a joke someone made though i heard nothing. " leke, just smile like you give a fuck" i told myself. An ex of mine siddled up to my side and tried grabbing my hands. I gently swivelved from her and patted her shoulders. She was a bunny in bed but hey, i don't kiss and tell.

I glanced down at my watch and hissed in my mind. What's keeping her. I already tipped her so called best friend to convince her to come. Sheila is also one of the girls ive had sex with, infact, the day i came to tell her we are over was the day i saw Bolatito for the first time. She had this killer legs and was well proportioned. She wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world but hey, she could hold her own. She had this smart look and pretty eyes a man wanted to sink in. I wished she could sink to her knees and swallow my dick whole. Her mouth has this Delicious pouty look and I'd love to devour them like a meal.

Sheila hates her guts and never wanted to convince her to come- since she knows my intention, but she doesn't know i plan to keep this one. I had to fuck sheila on her office table for the last time until she agreed to help me...

" No, leke, i can't convince that bitch to come, she'd take you away from me" sheila whined
" i don't fuck a pussy twice sheila, you knew this before you agreed"
" i thought you would fall in love with me, i need you so hard"
" Hahahhahaha, really? Get me Bolatito and I'd break my golden rule for you"
" what's the rule? Fall in love with me?"
"Nah, bitch, i never fuck a pussy twice, but, I'd let you ride me one more time"
" Nooo, i want you forever... But, I'd do it, on one condition.. Make sure you use her however you like, i hate her. She thinks she's better and prettier than me!" Sheila said with so much hatred and venom in her voice.
I shook my head and said " I can't believe you are her best friend, you are a snake, but a lovely one", I said as i turned her around and spanked her ass.

I shoved her skirt up her thighs and plunged two fingers into her... I wished like hell she was Bolatito. Damn, the thought of that girl does things to me. I hated sheila, but since her bitchiness is going to get me Tito, i didn't mind fucking her one more time. Afterall, pussy is pussy. That girl must attend the office party! I heard she had never attended one before...
The party is the perfect place to carry out my plans without anybody suspecting me.
Sheila's moans dragged me back from my thoughts and i knelt down to consume her.

I snapped from my drifting thoughts and i looked around. I was sporting a hard on from my memories and i didn't want the woman beside me to think it's for her. She won't let me go tonight. I murmured an excuse and headed towards the bar to order a martini.. I can always sip that while I'm waiting for her.. The champagne being served is not to my taste at all. The hall was crowded and noisy with people just mingling with each other. The bawdiness this party was notorious for has not started.. People are still in their right senses and the night is still young. Moving towards the bar, i was stopped by different people trying to get in my good graces.. I smiled and acted like i cared.

Then i saw her. She looked like a dream come through.. I can't believe she's dressed this way. My gut tightened at the stares she's getting from other men. "She's mine, i thought.. She looks eatable. I hastened my step and tried to catch up to her, i forgot all about the bar and Martini's. Too late, i realize sheila was with her; she paled in comparison to Bolatito.. I can't believe Tito cannot feel the hatred emanating from her friend towards her. She had this fake smile going on and kept on touching Tito's neck with a long red fingers... Tito smiled like a goddess and is totally oblivious to the fact that her friend would love to snap her neck.

I caught up to them and greeted them. She looked up at me and looked into my eyes. I saw the spark of attraction light them up, she shyly smiled at me so prettily. Good, she likes me- that'd make this easier. I graciously sidled in between them, moved closer to tito and started making small talk. I asked sheila if she didn't mind me stealing her friend for a while. With a fake laugh, she said "sure, please take good care of her oh, she's my only baby" her annoying voice grated on my nerves. As she turned to leave, i used my body to block Tito's view to her friends' retreating back and i grabbed Sheila's ass. She stopped moving and took a deep shaky breath. I faced Tito fully and started talking to her. I got her totally focused on me and since i blocked her view, she didn't know sheila hadn't left yet, much less me fondling her ass.

"So, how are you tonight?"
"Im good" tito said
I surreptitiously looked around, saw nobody looking at us, and i continued squeezing Sheila's ass through her short gown. She was dressed like a slut. I ran my hands up her legs and realized she's wearing no panties. She slowly spread her legs wider.. I did all this without looking back. I gave Tito my attention while i plunged four fingers into sheila. She took a deep breath. I continued making small talk with tito while i finger fucked sheila. As her pussy spasmed- she was about to come; i withdrew my fingers and wiped it on her dress.. I was able to do this without Tito noticing because the place was tightly packed. Nobody ever suspected me. I can't believe she didn't even notice my right hand wasn't by my side. I guess she's that into me.

I looked back and gave sheila a wink. She was on the verge of tears and she stomped off pushing people away from her path.


He looks good, i thought. His body encased in a dark blue suit emphasizing his manliness. He was clean shaven and he looked awesome. I think i fell deeper in love. He came to talk to me! Me! He asked sheila to excuse us and started asking me questions about my life! He's so attentive.. I never had to even try to ensnare him- he's so into me. I hope sheila also has fun i thoght, she deserves it. It's been long we both had sex.. I strolled wih him towards the bar, he asked when last i took a shot and i told him i can't even remember. He ordered for tequila's and we started throwing them back like juice.. He's voice his so glorious... He's whispering in my ear... I can't hear what he's saying... But, he's taking me places... I feel myself moving... He's holding my hands... I'm gliding on the clouds...

I think im drunk! I tried talking, but my tongue feels rubbery.. I felt cool air hitting my skin and i wondered why... I tried opening my eyes... It's like im in a haze... What's happened? I feel hands running up my dress... Everything is blurry... I feel hands squeezing my breasts brutally.. I tried beating the hands away... But i can't even lift my hands!! What's happened? I tried to scream but my voice sounded hoarse... I head deep male laughter- i know that laughter...

I felt my self going horizontal... My back hit vinyl seat of a car... I don't know how i knew its a car... I feel panicky..."help me" i whisper.. I heard a sinister laugh and felt my cloth being torn from me... A voice near my ear whispered " i know you wore this for me, it's meant to be torn off you".... "Please"...." Please, fuck me you mean, right?, I'd do just that, anything for you!" a mocking voice said.

I felt hands running up my thighs... The sound of a belt buckle being loosened... And an intense white hot pain radiated inside me a something I'm sure is not a penis entered me.... It kept on thrusting.... I heard male groans sounding suspiciously like leke.... Noo... It can't be him.... I can't even open my eyes....
"Be careful what you wish for" was the last thought i had before i blacked out.

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