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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


1st time our eyes met, i was stopped dead in my tracks.

It was like peeking into the eyes of medusa, held spell bound for i could only be thrust into reality by the lure that lay beneath your gaze.

It was like being stuck in a matrix, or better still lost in a maze.

Second time i met you, it was pre-organized, i had sought you out, because the feeling was killing... i could almost stab someone as with the actions of a tout.

A million words trickled from my brain to my lips, but i could only spit out one.

Err... "whatsup"...i uttered stuttering and sweating in my palms.

In my head i was reciting the psalms.

Zero on confidence, but still high on my will... a few more words stumbled bout, not neglecting the fact that it was your aura that fuelled my zest and zeal.

Damning the stories i wanted to fight for you like a navy seal.

It was said that i would just be another name on your infamous list.

Taking a stroll through the courtyard, i discover my haters are now serpents dissing with their signature hiss.

Nevertheless you kept me on hold, it felt like forever.

A few wrong moves and the promise you made yourself seemed to be both our compass and probably our divider.

Till you saw me with another did your walls crash down.

The thought of us together, i carried around like the ark of the convenant while circling around your jericho.

After that faithful afternoon, all i could think of was your subtle voice and the sound of its echo.

My mind was made up, and i ain't talking in terms of concealers.

You always had always been at theback of mind, i said to myself no more shakl i conceal her.

Then i broke it off with the other, because I knew i had to be with you.

People began to talk again, i let their words fall to the earth like dew.

Finally i had you, finally my heart could love a new.

Everything was perfect till distance snuck in on us, and time took its toll.

Again and Again we toiled, Again and Again we hit the dust without taking a roll.

What Seemed like perfection, could only be described as a daydream.

The one that got away, out of my grasp.

The One I should have held on tightly to, is now probably faraway.